Rogue One: Final Trailer

So there is a new Rogue One Trailer, have you seen it? Of course you have! If you visit Spoiled Blue Milk, you are a spoiler hound with your nose to the ground. We’re going to breakdown what we saw all saw in to and make a few educated speculative guesses that will help everyone understand what we should expect from this movie. Earmuffs kids, potential spoilers ahead.

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The best new shots from the Rogue One trailer

Greetings Star Wars fans! Loud rumbles made their way throughout Star Wars fandom this weekend, as the Rogue One trailer was an exclusive for only Celebration Europe attendees. Fans that couldn’t make the convention will have to wait for an official release of the trailer. We’re here today to bring you the shots from the trailer that you may not have seen already. Spoilers for the trailer below (not really spoilers for the movie as it’s all part of the trailer)

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Weekly Star Wars Recap #47: July 11th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! It’s been a bit of a quiet week for sure in Star Wars world. We feel like we are kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one, but we’ve managed to put together a few bits of news to hold you till next week when the floodgates of Star Wars Celebration open. We may even do an article on Friday when something big hits. Let’s get to the news:

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Weekly Star Wars Recap #40: May 22nd 2016

Hello there, Star Wars fans! It’s time for another round of the Weekly Star Wars Recap. Hard to believe, but this is our 40th week doing this, so we’re approaching one year pretty quickly. It’s actually been a pretty intense week for leaks and rumors on the latest Star Wars feature film projects. As usual, spoilers ahead, so stop reading if you want to avoid them! So, without further adieu, let’s get to it!

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Weekly Recap #39: May 16th 2016

Happy Monday, fellow Star Wars fans! Things are really starting to feel like Summer. We just had George Lucas’ 72nd birthday on May 1, and we’re rapidly approaching the the 39th anniversary of Star Wars on this coming May 25th. So what happened this past week? We’ve got some really hot of the press updates about filming for Episode VIII. Therefore, as usual, be warned of possible SPOILERS below. Let’s get into it:

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Weekly Recap #32: March 28th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! I hope you’ve had a nice Easter and/or spring break if you had one, and maybe got a nice change in the weather. Flowers are blooming. Love is in the air. We’ve got a spring in our step for Star Wars news! Don’t forget, as usual there are spoilers here! Here is what’s happening: more “Weekly Recap #32: March 28th 2016”

Visit Dubrovnik! It’s great this time of year (Dubrovnik Recap)

You’d better hurry to Dubrovnik if you want to get your last glimpse of Star Wars this year. Filming has ended a week ago, so pretty much everything has been cleaned up. That said, you might still get to see something Star Wars related. Not ready to book the tickets? Well, how about sitting back and enjoying this recap of the best and coolest news from Dubrovnik. more “Visit Dubrovnik! It’s great this time of year (Dubrovnik Recap)”

Weekly Recap #29 March 7th 2016

Greeting Star Wars fans! About this time last year, we were pretty deep into rumors and info about The Force Awakens. Way deeper than we are now for Rogue One, which suggests they are keeping this film a little tighter. Other than a few shots of set set construction, the news about Rogue One is pretty slim. That said, we have a few new pieces of info about Rogue One and Episode VIII (still two years away), so let’s begin.

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Weekly Recap #20: December 28th 2015

Happy Holidays, Star Wars fans! It’s now time for our 20th weekly recap, and we’re 10 days past the release of The Force Awakens, and now a little less than a year from the release of Rogue One. Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet? We’re here to bring you the latest in Star Wars news from the galactic core to all the way in the outer rim. Let’s get started…

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Weekly Recap #17 December 7th 2015

10 days. Just 10 days until we be in a theater to watch The Force Awakens! Of course the promo machine has kicked into high gear and every cast and crew member that can be interviewed is being interviewed. So we sorted through the new to give you our readers the spoilerly news you deserve!


1) Promo clip “Destiny” with a couple of new shots

mazlow01: So most of this is stuff we have seen however the new shots of Rey and Leia tell me something. Both are from the end of the movie. This most definitely from Rey and Leia’s goodbye before she heads to meet Luke.

davestrrr: Great clip! Those two shots at the end of Leia and Rey are pretty new. Not one of Carrie’s best smiles, but it’ll do. Love the new Rey pic! This pic reminds me of the end of TPM when Anakin get’s cleaned up and is smiling about venturing into his new life as a Jedi. Could this be the end of TFA?


2) New International TV spot with new footage

mazlow01: This mainly just new shots of aerial battles but holy cow the aerial battles look so much better than any previous ones! Also there does appear  to be a brief shot of the interior of a ship with Kylo that is similar to a previous shot where he ignites his lightsaber.

davestrrr: Nice. The Rey piece was especially good with a couple of new shots here and there. I love the shot when she takes off her mask. Man, it feels like we are seeing too much of the movie!! The Spanish one is really trying to milk the Oscar Isaac thing.


3) People clarifies Snoke’s height  among other interviews

mazlow01: As we thought Snoke is tall but not 25ft tall. Apparently he’s 7ft “something” which I think means closer to 8″ than not.  He’s also really thin which is another McQuarrie concept call back to the orginal design of the emperor. Unfortunately this has once again brought back the Plaguies conspiracies. Listen people JJ learned his lesson with Khan. Get over it Plaguies is dead.

davestrrr: Phew! I think this is what we concluded, but still glad he isn’t King Kong height and can actually fit inside a door etc. That will make for better story telling I think.


4) Toys reveal minor characters 

mazlow01: More McQuarrie concepts! Cool but nothing great.

davestrrr: I like the Wolfman! Very reminiscent of the Cantina scene.



5) Twitter Awakens Confirms Rey vs Kylo Ren! 

mazlow01: Any one that has followed the spoilers knew this but finally confirmation! This did piss off people but lets be honest what doesn’t these days. Also Daisy and Oscar singing a duet was great! They both can really sing!

davestrrr: The fight is what I’m waiting for! We reported a leak last week on this, but it is good to have confirmation. This is the fight that everyone will be talking about! This will be the point that we may learn the truth about Rey’s backstory.


6) There were a TON of new interviews with the cast and crew… too many to link.

mazlow01: I was going to link the interviews here but honestly none of them REALLY gave us new info and I would have to put a link on every letter of the title. The one thing I did take is the cast has great chemistry, they’ve seen the movie and liked it and John and Daisy’s personalities are just fantastic.

davestrrr: So many interviews that I can’t keep up! The Aol stuff was pretty length and good. Except the guy kept talking about his “nerd tears”. Looks like everyone is doing the rounds and doing lots of interviews, but nobody is leaking too much anymore.


7) Women of Star Wars 

mazlow01: Thank you KK! Honestly the more diversity we can get in Star Wars the better for it quality and longevity.

davestrrr: Yeah, I think this is good. I think movies in general need more strong female characters. From what I can tell, Rey is shaping up to be a very strong AND beautiful female character that everyone can look up to.


8) Episode 8 casting and location rumors 

mazlow01: The key to me was the travel to Spain. For whatever reason that makes me think of Naboo. I hope that is where we going!

davestrrr: Naboo seems doubtful since that was Italy. Who knows. What about something in the country-side? Beaches? Hills? What about this pic:



Weekly Recap #16 November 30th 2015

Hey there Star Wars fans! We’re here to bring you your weekly assortment of Star Wars spoilery goodness. This week is no exception. We’re now 19 days from The Force Awakens, and new pieces of info are coming in. Almost as if it is carefully timed to keep us in a constant state of anticipation for this film…Let’s get into it!

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Weekly Recap #15: November 23rd 2015

We’re now 24 days away from The Force Awakens! We’re now entering the big time of Force Awakens news. The news is coming so fast and furious that it can be hard to keep track of everything! Spoiled Blue Milk is here to do our best to at least give you the most important stuff. It’s time for your Weekly Recap!

1. First footage of The Force Awakens! This was played at the start of a tribute to John Williams

@mazlow01: Dialog! I love dialog. John Boyega seemed to be making a crap ton of noise when running. I found that odd. And Daisy’s dialog seemed to me to be calm considering everything. However based on this scene I think the Finn trailer dialog where he says we need to run is him talking to Daisy.

@davestrrr: I was really surprised how different a short bit of footage could be from a trailer. HUGE difference. The music, the excitement. We’ve seen those shots a few times, and it was really cool to see that there is dialogue going on at the same time. Cool that we know Rey is already a pilot. I mean, we sort of already knew this because it was long known that she would fly the Falcon. However, still cool that she calls herself a pilot, just like Anakin and Luke did before here. Rey is a young, precocious pilot on a desert planet…Hmmm.


2. Yahoo News has just reported that The Force Awakens is finished (found via MakingStarWars)

@mazlow01: Sweet! Hopefully we will get a rating soon then. I’m thinking its going to be PG.

@davestrrr: Nice to hear that it’s done done. My money is on PG. If it is PG-13, then  we’ll know that this one is more intense than thought.


3. New leaks from the Look-and-Find book have been compiled here. For example, this image:


@mazlow01: This basically confirmed about 10 of MSW earlier reports. I now feel that the plot he has out there is the basic bones of the movie and anyone disagreeing just doesn’t like Jason.

@davestrrr: So lots of details here. We know know that the resistance base planet is called D’Qar, and we know that Leia sends the squadron to help our heroes at Maz’s castle. We also get our first live image of Lor San Tekka. Looks like the old cyborg rumors are false, unless he has a cyborg arm off screen or something. Lots of good details here.


4. New TV Spot! This one has a shot of Nien Nunb and Jessica Pava:

@mazlow01: Anyone else think Jessica is going to die? Just me? Anyway that is pretty cool. Every time I see Finn fight that stormie I get excited. There is a shorter version of this commercial that shows off BB-8 using cables to stabilize himself too.

@davestrrr: This is great. Nice to see good old Nunb in action live. Just like old times. The voice is exactly the same.


5. There is a new rumor about the livestock on Han’s freighter at Making Star Wars.

@mazlow01:  I suspect this gets cut. I don’t know why but its seems an odd break in the narrative the way it is described.

@davestrrr: So this is where the Octopus ended up. I hope this doesn’t end up looking really cheesy and overly CGI. Something about too many tentacles ends up looking strange.


6. Disney has only shown 5% of the marketing campaign according to a new report.

@mazlow01: Jebus save me! I will never leave the couch if I’m getting more Star Wars! That being said I think that the 5% is an exaggeration.

@davestrrr: Hope they don’t oversaturate. I don’t know, it feels like we’ve already seen 5% of the film. What could the rest of the ad campaign possibly bring?


7. First live shot of Maz Kanata found in a new commercial (source):


Compare this shot to the leaked Lego image and the Poster:


@mazlow01: The video has been removed… I think maybe it wasn’t supposed to be released. Maz looks different than I expected even after what we have seen already. Maybe there are a few shots needed more CGI work?

@davestrrr: The video is no where to be found. Hopefully this image is OK. My first impression was that Maz is cuter than I expected! Almost certainly will be a top selling toy/new character.


8. GamesRadar is reporting an interview with Mark Hammil where he claims to be holding a huge rumor secret.

@mazlow01: I saw on twitter he said this was about a Joker project. Then again maybe he’s just throwing us off.

@davestrrr: I’m not sure about it being about Joker. It seemed like in the context of Star Wars. Yes, the interview was something for Joker, but I definitely got the impression that he was talking about Star Wars. I would assume that this has something to do about the intervening years before TFA, or the parentage of some of the main characters.


9. Yet another spot showing off a couple of new scene and new dialog from Maz

@mazlow01: I love Maz’s line here. Rey is looking for belonging and family. Its not in her past but her future… aka LUKE!

@davestrrr: Seems like a lot of the same footage, but I like the new shot of Rey. Yeah, the Maz thing is very optimistic about the future. I feel like we’ve been getting a lot of little sound bytes from a motivational speech that Maz will give. Still seems bizarre, with that little alien character sounding like that, but hopefully it will make sense on screen.


9. Bonus: Watch Jimmy Kimmel Tonight for interviews with the cast of The Force Awakens


Weekly Recap #14: November 16th 2015

We are just about one month away. By tomorrow at 7pm we’ll be one month from the first showings of The Force Awakens. The news is coming fast and furious. It can be tough to keep up at times. That’s where your friends at Spoiled Blue Milk come in. We’re here today to review the past week’s news and leaks for Star Wars. Let’s begin:

1.) New TV Spot!

Looks like Carrie Fisher’s daughter’s in this screen cap of the Strategy Room.

@mazlow01: That’s her! The TIE escaping is really cool. I like than Han moment of handing Rey the blaster. I was hoping he was giving her his when I heard of the scene but still. I don’t think Rey and Finn are holding hand as much as they are trying to stay together, based on what we’ve seen so far they don’t even know each other’s names at this point

@davestrrr: Some great shots here. Finn and Rey holding hands? What does this say of a possible love story there? I love the TIE fighter being pulled by a cable, ultimately to be released. The physics there looks cool. This is certainly the moment when Finn and Poe escape. The shot of Han handing over the blaster to Rey is pretty cool, other than Rey’s expression. She looks kind of dazed. Can’t blame her from what she’s been through. Love the shot of Finn fighting that Stormtrooper with the lightsaber, more on that below.

2.) New UK TV Spot:

@mazlow01: Man I love all this new footage! Kylo deflecting shots looks like a mix of OT and PT styles of blade work. I think him reaching out is stealing the blaster from Rey using the force. Finn and Rey in the Falcon “Get ready!” “For what?” awesomeness. When the quadship blows up is obviously what forces them to the falcon The attack on Maz’s castle looks intense. And the best part is rumor has it the music is John Williams.

@davestrrr: Some good stuff here. The best is the shot of Maz’s castle, confirming the previous concept art that we’ve seen like this one:


That art has been around for a while and it looks spot-on. The music! Yes, it was confirmed that this is John Williams. The crashing TIE! Hey, I think they scene with Rey saying “Get ready!” and Finn saying “For what?” has got to be before the big loopdeloop that the Falcon does in the first teaser.

3.) A pretty cool new Verizon add featuring Chewie and BB-8

@mazlow01: Honestly that could almost be a scene from the movie. I am betting we are seeing how BB-8’s personality is. Chopper meets R2

@davestrrr: No doubt these are movie-props and costumes, and I would think that the set is also movie-quality too. Excellent shots there. The puppetry of BB-8 is great. Hopefully some of this will shine through in the movie.

4.) New Disney XD UK Featurette:

Also, StarWarsNewsNet did a nice report on it.

@mazlow01: Nothing breaking here but still cool to see a few new angles on shots.

@davestrrr: Not much too new here, a few of the behind the scenes shots are new. Among the new stuff is a shot of General Hux saying “Fire!”, and he says it with such character. He says it like a greasy villain and almost spits out the word with disdain. The shot of Han and Chew saying “We’re home!” is a different version from what we’ve seen, this time with a bigger, goofier smile. I wonder which version will make the final cut.

5.) New interview with Andy Serkis dicussing Snoke. From the article we have the following quotes about Snoke:

He is large. He appears tall. And also just the facial design – you couldn’t have gotten there with prosthetics. It’s too extreme. Without giving too much away at this point, he has a very distinctive, idiosyncratic bone structure and facial structure. You could never have done it [in real life.]

@mazlow01: I’m guessing based on the size comments and the facial structure comments that Snoke will end up looking very similar to the original Emperor Designs

@davestrrr: This is pretty exciting. Justin Bolger (@theApexFan) was on Collider Jedi Council recently, and those guys are pretty convinced this means a certain Muun. Muuns are really large and can have a narrow body structure, impossible to be created with prosthetics. Sure, countless other alien species are the same way, but one can’t help but wonder…

6.) Looks like a StormTrooper with an Electrostaff/baton! Although this was part of the TV spot, it might be worth mentioning because it could say something about the weapons of the First Order in The Force Awakens:


@mazlow01: It definitely implies they received some training related to lightsabers. Whether it was defending against them or actually using them its pretty cool.

@davestrrr: This is pretty interesting. The weapon that the StormTrooper has is a type of “riot baton” that is electrified. You can see it in this toy pic here. So this raises the question “Why would the Storm Troopers have a lightsaber-proof riot baton? Why would they add that functionality unless they were expecting it?” Makes you wonder if lightsabers have become more common.

7.) Larry Kasdan is retiring after the Han Solo Anthology film (source The Hollywood Reporter)

@mazlow01: Honestly I’m ok with this. Its great he’s going out on Star Wars

@davestrrr: Larry Kasdan has probably had one of the biggest impacts on Star Wars, next to Lucas. The good news is we still have two forthcoming movies written by him, and he will get to go on and do other things that he wants to do after this, and enjoy a well-deserved break. That is, unless he goes straight back into directing after this.

8.) Darth Vader Sculptor working on Rouge One. 

@mazlow01: Vader in Rouge One has been mentioned about a million times this seems like confirmation to me!

@davestrrr: I hope this means that we do see Vader in Rogue One. It would make sense given the time frame. This would be the key time to have a young-ish Vader in the suit, doing a lot of badass Sith fighting. I can only imagine they will jump to that opportunity.

9.) Gina Rodrguez cast for Episode 8 

@mazlow01: This is pretty thin.. and I wonder what her role will be? Pilot? Jedi in training?

@davestrrr: I guess this is worth reporting, but way to early to say anything about it. I think it’s great that they are expanding an already diverse cast and continuing to bring in diverse talent.

10.)  A Slew of interviews from 

@mazlow01: There wasn’t much in the way of news in these articles but they did provide great insight into the actors.

@davestrrr: The key new piece of info there was Maz Kanata being over 1000 years old. This makes her character quite intriguing. Looking forward for more info there.

Weekly Recap #13: November 9th

Wow what a week! With no warning we got not one but two new looks at The Force Awakens footage and a slew of small news pieces. We are now just under 6 weeks from The Force Awakens! Lets get started on the news:

1) The International Trailer

mazlow01: OK so that was great! It might be better than the first full trailer, I can’t decide. I noticed the dialog that Rey has with BB-8 doesn’t actually match. It seems like a conversation but when she says “My Family” the sound quality and background noise seems different. I’m not sure the lines follow each other like we think. I love the new shots. My favorite was Rey on her knees with Kylo’s lightsaber at her neck showing yet another scene MSW got right. Loved the introduction of Rey and Finn too.

davestrr: This was a great surprise. A lot of good new shots in here. I love this opening shot better than the US trailer both visually and musically. We got a little more confirmation about Rey waiting for her Family, supporting the idea that she was left on Jakku by her family. I think this is yet another point that MakingStarWars was right on. We also got the interaction between Rey and Finn where they give each other’s names. There is definite hesitation by Finn, suggesting that he is making up the name based on his StormTrooper ID, further confirming the rumor that Finn is an orphan and his StormTrooper ID is his name. The sunset shot with the TIE fighters is great. It is very reminiscent of the helicopters in Apocalypse Now (shown in the right):


2) The TV Spot

mazlow01: I loved Maz’s castle it looks like old concept art of Vader’s castle from early ANH development. Maz is more and more becoming the character I can’t wait to see on screen. Snoke who? And the great shot of Kylo deflecting the blaster bolt is awesome. And if you pay attention you’ll notice the scene where Rey helps Finn up has been cleaned up a few things moved and BB-8 added in. And finally that shot of the Falcon crash landing? Amazing looking,

davestrr: Again, a really nice surprise. The footage keeps coming! The new shot of the approach of the Millennium Falcon to Maz’s castle on Takodana. In addition we have what is certainly a new recording of Maz Kanata. There was a recent post on by Anthony Breznican theorizing about Maz and her goggles and that they may hold some sort of power. I think it is interesting that they go to a shot of Han right after the line “I have lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people”. This might be a ReyFightingKylosuggestion of a familial relationship between Han and Rey, to whom she is speaking. Other points is it looks like we get a bigger shot of the flags in front of Maz’s castle. At the top center, there is a flag not seen in the first trailer that looks like the “Broken horn” symbol seen here. We also get some great action shots of Rey. The first shows he taking out some thug with her staff on Jakku. The second is her shooting blaster shots at Kylo Ren, who deflects them expertly. We also have a shot of what looks like Rey throttling the Millennium Falcon controls, possibly punching it into hyperspace.


3) Toy with new Rey dialog (

mazlow01: I like the new dialog, it confirms to me that the Kylo Ren toy has actual dialog too.

davestrr: A few little details there. We have Rey saying “I’m just a scavenger”, echoing what Kylo Ren had said to her in another toy. My guess is this is Rey later repeating what Kylo had said in order to feign ignorance on something she is hiding.

4) TFA concept art became Rebels character

mazlow01: I think this was early Snoke concept art that was re-purposed. It makes me wonder what direction they went with Snoke.

davestrr: Certainly makes this guy look more Vader-like. This is so similar to the Fifth brother, I assume this is an early draft of this character, but hard to tell. Why did the dials need to be right over his nipples? This is Wat Tambor all over again.

john and daisy

5) Daisy (Rey) and John (Finn) had several interviews released this week. AOL, Entertainment Tonight, The Hollywood Reporter, CNet, and ASOS

mazlow01: We didn’t learn much but I just love their attitude. They seem so much more excited than the cast of TPM did.

davestrr: Some good stuff. Although we didn’t really learn much about the movie, we do get to see some of the chemistry between John and Daisy, which is pretty good. Hopefully that shines through in the movie. One thing that caught my attention was the guy in the CNet interview quotes Boyega as saying “Finn is on a journey that will make him a super hero”. When I heard this I felt this was the most concrete evidence that we have that Finn will become a Jedi. Yeah, I know he wields a lightsaber in the trailer, but I’m talking the Jedi super-powers that warrant the term “super hero”. It has seemed that we don’t have hard evidence of Force-powers until now, but this quote supports this idea.


6) Five new character posters

mazlow01: Dude very cool shots again and they are really pushing Finn with the lightsaber. The casual fan won’t know about Rey until the movie.

davestrr: Interesting that we have all of them covering up their right eye. The only one that isn’t looking straight on is Leia for some reason. However, I’m not going to read too much into that since it could have just been a better take. Other than that, these look great. The shot of Rey is amazing. Actually everybody looks amazing in these shots and look sufficiently “bad ass”.

7) New Leak of Maz Kanata Lego figure:


mazlow01: The glasses confuse me. As does her general appearance, I’m not sure if she is a Jedi or not. Did she learn from Luke? Does she have a lightsaber?  Still she sounds so cool in the trailers so I am still excited about her.

davestrr: This definitely looks like the poster character. This looks a little older than the poster, and possibly more like ET.Screenshot_2015-10-18-23-05-10 Very interesting. This isn’t very much like I would have imagined at all, and I imagined something more like Alf or Station from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. This was in part based on rumors that I had read, but with that said, this was back when all we had were leaks of concept art.

It is interesting what purposes if any do her goggles serve. The back of her head is new. We haven’t seen this in any detail yet. However, it looks like her goggles are somehow attached to her hat/headgear. Could be just as simple as corrective lenses, but could be something more.

8) Finally we got a couple of pieces from children’s books posted at Jedibibliothek (Found via MSW). Of particular interest is this “Look and Find” cover, showing Max Von Sydow’s character in the lower right. We get two shots of the Rebel base, and one of Maz’s cantina.