Family Ties!

“And it’s all about the story and family. I mean that’s what J.J. is all about.” – Greg Grunberg talking about The Force Awakens.

So far The Force Awakens has given us two protagonists and one antagonist without a last name and it has set the speculation machine afire. We’re going to break down what we know about all of our characters and who their possible parents or children are.


KYLO REN:  In the words of Adam Driver “But in the midst of all those things, what has made those movies last so long is that they’re all grounded, which is something that is not so far off from every movie with huge universal themes of siblings and parents and betrayal and trust.”

Parents: Han and Leia.

Likelihood: 99%

Other relationships: Rey, Cousin or Sister

Likelihood: 90%

Why: The quote above about parents and betrayal and trust gives us insight into the character’s motivation. We have the quote from this panel where Adam mentions believing what he is doing is right.  This leads me to believe he thinks he was betrayed by his parents and the Knights of Ren saved him. Perhaps they hid who he was from him, the grandson of Vader, a Skywalker. There is also this scene where Kylo is told to not be sentimental by Snoke when preparing to attack Maz’s castle which holds Han. Then finally these scenes where Han needs consoling and where Kylo sits in the Falcon seemingly remorseful.


FINN: The lack of last name for Finn is very curious to me. We know the character was not cast with race in mind so to say one of the previous black Star Wars characters is of relation is foolish. So who is Finn?

Parents: Lando and mystery woman

Likelihood: 0.5%

Parents: Luke and Mystery woman

Likelihood: 1%

Parents: Han and Sana Solo

Likelihood: 0.5%

Other Relationships: Mace Windu or Obi-wan Kenobi Grandparent or great uncle.

Likelihood: 3%

Why: Lando is the least likely due to race not being a factor in casting. If Lando was related to Finn it would a later shoehorn based on who was cast which I doubt is how JJ works. Luke has slightly more potential but again not much in my opinion just doesn’t fit with other rumors. I seriously doubt Finn is related to Han via Sana Solo as one her introduction is post ANH pre ESB time frame making Finn way too young and I suspect that Sana isn’t actually Han’s wife. Finally we have Mace or Obi-wan. I am 99.9% certain Mace never had a kid and I’m 99.8% sure Obi-wan didn’t so grandparents are out. Other relationships are a possibility and Finn wouldn’t know he was related to a Jedi if it was a great uncle that died 30 years before he was born. In the end I think he’s not related to anyone. I’m not sure Finn is really his name. We know the First Order troopers names start with FN, and that makes me wonder if Finn is a name based off of that.


REY:  :I’m not sure how much I can say. I guess because I’ve said that I’m solitary, and that’s how I begin, that is probably a big clue as to what… (Kathleen Kennedy nervously chuckles) … it is.” Daisy Ridley on who her character is.

Parents: Han and Leia

Likelihood: 60%

Parents: Luke and Mystery woman

Likelihood: 30%

Other relationships: Kylo Ren, cousin or brother.

Likelihood: 90%

Why: Han and Leia are the leading candidates for a couple of reasons. First would be the cast picture which featured Daisy between Harrison and Carrie. Then there is quote from from Adam Driver about siblings above and finally the quote from Daisy about Solitary life. Solitary=Solo. Next most likely is Luke Skywalker as her father. One objection I have seen is this is the necessity of explaining her mother except that we never got an explanation about Luke’s in the OT and it didn’t hurt the films. The hints she could be the lightsaber being passed to her and the name Skywalker has always been the central figure. Plus she is one that goes to Luke in the end. Father reunited with daughter? The final possiblity is she isnt related to either and this could be backed up by the latest rumor from MakingStarWars that says her parents dropped her off on Jakku. It just doesn’t seem like something either Luke or Leia would do.


Han and Leia: “I love you” “I know” Classic Han and Leia

Married: Yes

Likelihood: 30%

Why: Based the reports here and here it seems Han and Leia are no longer together. I do believe they still love each other and were married at some point. However the loss of their son, Daughter/niece and Luke and how they believed they should handle it broke them apart. We know from Moving Target that Leia is a general and seemingly alone. Based on other rumor and leaks it would seem the last time they see each other there is hope for a reconciliation.