Rogue One: Final Trailer

So there is a new Rogue One Trailer, have you seen it? Of course you have! If you visit Spoiled Blue Milk, you are a spoiler hound with your nose to the ground. We’re going to breakdown what we saw all saw in to and make a few educated speculative guesses that will help everyone understand what we should expect from this movie. Earmuffs kids, potential spoilers ahead.

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Weekly Star Wars Recap #60: October 10th 2016

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the Spoiled Blue Milk Weekly Star Wars Recap. You might say that this has been one of the slowest weeks in a long time. It’s kind of hard to believe in fact. You’d think at this point, just 66 days until Rogue One, we’d have more leaks and news. The trailers are certainly getting very close. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to find a few stories out there that we think you’ll enjoy. Possible spoilers below.

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Episode VIII: What do we know?

Episode VIII finished principle shooting in July and has moved into post production and editing. This is the time frame that led to many of the leaks from TFA and we are expecting more. However we have gotten a few already, seems like more than we have on Rogue One, and today we’re going to explore those. Potential Spoilers ahead.

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Rebels: A Show that Matters.

For most people there are two Star Wars: the big trilogy movies and everything else. In the old Lucasfilm, that was pretty much true; anything in the EU could and would be ignored by Lucas himself. Nothing they did mattered to Universe in which the Trilogy films were created. Under the new Lucasfilm this has changed and that means Rebels is much more important than just a kids cartoon. Let’s look at what that can tell us about what we can expect from Rebels this year.

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The Second Ring: Revisiting the Ring Theory with hidden parallels

With the recent release of The Prequels Strike Back documentary, I’ve been thinking about the “Ring Theory”. If you haven’t seen the documentary yet, I suggest you dish out the $3 and rent it for a couple days. Beyond the prequels, this documentary puts forth one of the most intelligent readings of both the prequels and the original trilogy I’ve seen. It is known that one of the first inspirations of this documentary was the Ring Theory. After starting the documentary, they realized there was so much more to talk about, and they definitely went beyond the ring theory. Now that TFA is out, I’d like to take a moment to ponder how the sequel trilogy fits into the broader structure of the Star Wars saga.

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The one in the middle: the Bendu

A recent clip previewing for Star Wars Rebels emerged on the web, showing Kanan talking to a brand new character to Star Wars: the Bendu. Although we’ve never seen this character in any TV or movie, the concept of the Bendu goes way back. Let’s take a moment to see where the Bendu came from, and where they could be going.

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The Jedi from the PT to ST

Ten days ago Pablo Hidalgo from the Lucasfilm story group unleashed a series of tweets about the nature of the force. Its been going over in my mind ever since. To me it reveals so much about the Prequels, Orginal trilogy and the Sequels  and what role the Jedi played. I’m going to get into it here.

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Rogue One: The Alderaan Connection

Rogue One will be released in just 3 months from today! Hard to believe it’s coming so fast. Meanwhile, we’ll have a new season of Rebels to tie us over starting next week. It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan. Now, I would like to take a moment to ask the question of where the protagonist, Jyn Erso is from. Potential spoilers in what follows, so be careful!

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Ahsoka’s Adventure in the Underworld

The end of Season 2 of Rebels left fans with a lot of questions about the outcome of Ahsoka’s story. What happened to her? We’ve recently got a little bit of info about where she may have ended up, but don’t expect a concrete answer. The answer is a bit abstract, but very intriguing. Possible spoilers for Rebels below, so be careful!

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The theme in Star Wars post Lucas

There seems to be an underlying trend in all the new Star Wars, no matter the media, and that is exploring the ancient history and culture of the Galaxy. This is not shoved down our throats as the main arc in any story but it also isn’t exactly subtle. Today we’re going to explore examples of this and what it means for future stories.

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Who is Galen Erso?

When Mads Mikkelsen was cast in Rogue One most people got pretty excited. We figured him for a prominent role most likely a villain. We have learned that this isn’t true, he is not a villain and it is unlikely that his role is very large. It will still be very important though. Lets look into who he is and what we expect in this year’s Rogue One.

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Which Vader will we see in Rogue One?

At the end of the Revenge of the Sith, we saw a little bit of a different Darth Vader. For it was right after the death of his wife Padme, and the presumed death of his unborn children. He let out a much maligned “NoooOOOooooo!”, and for the remainder of the movie quietly walked and folded his arms until the end. The question is, will we see this solemn, low-energy Vader, or will we see the Vader from A New Hope, who is full of intensity and determination?

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A Rogue Plot

Despite Rogue One being shrouded in mystery most people have had the basic plot down from the beginning. Rebels lead by Jyn Erso steal the plans to the death star. But what if that isn’t exactly how it goes down? more “A Rogue Plot”

Nobody Saw Him Coming: Saw Gerrera

Before TFA was released there was quite a bit “Disney is going to ignore the prequels” talk. Some considered that a good thing some a bad. We now know that this just isn’t true, Rebels has brought back several Clone Wars characters and comics and novels have also delved into the prequels. Now with Saw Gerrera joining the live action in Rogue One we have a definite link from the prequel era on the big screen. Let’s dive into what makes Saw the best fit for this and why we are so excited to see him on the big screen.

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Jedha: The most important moon in Star Wars?

It’s increasingly amazing how Lucasfilm and Diseny have kept such tight wraps on their current projects. Compared to This time last year with all the news and leaks that we had on The Force Awakens, we know next to nothing about Rogue One. There are a few new planets in this one, and we are starting to get a trickle of information about them. I think perhaps the most interesting is Jedha, which we’ll talk about today. There could be potential spoilers below, so tread carefully.

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The opening scene of Episode VIII

Star Wars Episode VIII is of course the highly anticipated and untitled follow-up to the enormously successful Star Wars: The Force Awakens. TFA is the movie that dominated fans’ minds and the box office, so its follow up has some high expectations. One question on my mind is: how will it begin exactly? How do you kick off the most anticipated sequel since Empire Strikes Back?

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The Story of Kylo Ren

After writing about Snoke last week I got to thinking about the other new characters (Kylo, Rey, Finn and Poe) and where exactly they come from; Parentage, history, and what that means for the future. We’re  going to highlight of one character each Wednesday for the next few weeks putting together what we know and what we suspect. As always possible spoilers ahead.

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Snoke Week: Part One!

Snoke, Leader of the First Order, seducer of Ben Solo to the Darkside, and… well that’s about all we really know isn’t it? I mean we know he’s not human but humanoid, he saw the Rise and Fall of the Empire and he has force abilities. There have been a TON of theories about who Snoke is from Anakin to Palpatine to Plaguies and for the most part they are terrible. However there is one that might not be and it follows along with my thinking as of late. Lets dig in and warning possible spoilers ahead.

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Rebels Expanding the Universe

When The Clone Wars cartoon was ended after Disney bought Lucasfilm, it left a couple of  threads unfinished. What happens to Maul and the Dark Saber? What happens to Ahsoka after Order 66? Over the last two seasons of Rebels we’ve learned a bit about this with Maul returning and Ahsoka turning out to be Fulcrum in addition to getting to know new characters. Based on the trailer and announcements from Star Wars Celebration Europe we know the Rebels development team is going to continue to develop those stories as well as try to bring legends back, specifically Thrawn. Let’s now explore how Rebels Season 3 will resurface these questions and expand the Star Wars universe.  more “Rebels Expanding the Universe”

The best new shots from the Rogue One trailer

Greetings Star Wars fans! Loud rumbles made their way throughout Star Wars fandom this weekend, as the Rogue One trailer was an exclusive for only Celebration Europe attendees. Fans that couldn’t make the convention will have to wait for an official release of the trailer. We’re here today to bring you the shots from the trailer that you may not have seen already. Spoilers for the trailer below (not really spoilers for the movie as it’s all part of the trailer)

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Luke’s new Force-powers

It’s interesting to compare the Force-powers that are used by Jedi in the Prequel trilogy compared to the Original Trilogy. On the whole, Jedi are more aggressive in their moves in the prequels. Force-pushes all over the place, throwing lightsabers into enemies. When we look at Luke in the OT, apart from a few Force-chokes, Luke seems to stick to Yoda’s rule that a “Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack”.

What kind of Force-powers will Luke have in Episode VIII? Will it be the same old stuff that we saw in the OT, or will he do some new and amazing stuff? Let’s take a look at all the rumors we have about Luke, see if there are any patterns in the Force-powers that he is rumored to have. As usual, there are possible SPOILERS for Episode VIII, so proceed with caution.

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Weekly Star Wars Recap #47: July 11th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! It’s been a bit of a quiet week for sure in Star Wars world. We feel like we are kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one, but we’ve managed to put together a few bits of news to hold you till next week when the floodgates of Star Wars Celebration open. We may even do an article on Friday when something big hits. Let’s get to the news:

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Where are they now? Rogue One

As more and more Rogue One news comes out we have more and more questions. Today we’re talking about whatever happened to the Death troopers in the Original Trilogy or why don’t we see U-wings in ANH and other questions like that. Lets look at what we have that is new and why they possibly never show up again.

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Rogue One: bringing it all together

Hello, Star Wars fans! Welcome back to another edition of SpoiledBlueMilk. You know, I’m still reeling from the news that a Clone Wars character, Saw Gerrera, will be in Rogue One! This realization opened up a lot of possibilities in terms of what other characters will be in Rogue One. I want to take a moment and contemplate a few recent revelations about characters that may show up in Rogue One and further connect this movie to Star Wars TV and movies. Potential spoilers below, so proceed with caution.

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The calm before the Rogue One storm

Greetings, Star Wars fans! We’ve had a relatively quiet week this week compared to last week when we got a huge onslaught of Rogue One news and information. It all came in the form of several EW articles. We’re on the verge of what is expected to be a ton of new information at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration starting July 15th. This new information will be for both Episode VIII and Rogue One, as well as for Rebels and I’m sure a lot of other Star Wars properties. Nevertheless, there are still a few items that we found out this week on Rogue One, and many of them may give us some clues as to what news we can look forward to at Celebration.

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Vader: A Rogue One Story.

Vader, if there is a more iconic original villain in movie history you’d hard pressed to prove it. The all black costume combined with the height and the voice of James Earl Jones makes him menacing in a way that is next to indescribable. The calm controlled evil Vader showed throughout the original trilogy made him a next to irredeemable character that eventually was redeemed. Now we know we get more live action Vader in Rogue One and I couldn’t be giddier or more apprehensive. Today we’ll explore what we think we’re getting and why, if we’re right, it will only help the legend of Vader.

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Chirrut, the “spiritual warrior”

Greetings, Star Wars fans! Today, we now have some new information on Rogue One that we can actually sink our teeth into. What a difference. We’ve been through some ups and downs with rumors of reshoots etc, so it feels so good to actually have something concrete. One of the characters that we now have enough to start saying something about is Chirrut Imwe, played by Donnie Yen. Let’s take a look at the latest info on this character quite unlike anything we’ve seen in Star Wars.

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Rogue One news dropping like its hot.

I woke up today wishing I had more Rogue One news and then boom Anthony Breznican at uploads this story about this week’s cover all about Rogue One. Then about two hours later he drops another article with 10 new characters that names 9 and leaves us wondering about Forrest Whitaker’s identity, who is someone we know which we find out about in his last article of the day! Lets jump into it and look at what Anthony has brought us today(more to come too!)

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