Han Solo: Rebel, pirate, smuggler, General, Husband? Father?

Women want him, men want to be him, bounty hunters want to find him, he is Han Solo. Throughout the original trilogy Han grew more than any other character, even Luke. Coolest guy in the Star Wars universe (sorry Lando) and he always found a way but who is he now? Lets explore who Han was and where he is going in The Force Awakens. Also, be forewarned. If you’re trying to avoid possible spoilers, you don’t want to read on.


When we first met Han he was cocky and a bit of a braggart. He also was in debt to a gangster name Jabba. Throughout the first movie Han repeatedly acted as though he had no personal stake in any of situations they were in. He was worried about protecting himself and getting paid.  In the end he came back to help Luke and the rebellion, showing his true self. In Empire we see Han has accepted responsibility in the rebellion and has become a leader. He also has found love and of course he approaches it in the same sarcastic way he approaches everything else. Finally, in Return of the Jedi, Han grows even more. He is still sarcastic and independent but he is also thankful for his friends. He has grown enough to be willing to step out of the way thinking Luke and Leia have something they don’t. He’s also willing to accept help, something he always seemed reluctant to do. The scoundrel grew into a responsible somewhat mature man and Leia’s obvious paramour.


So lets figure out what we know about Han in The Force Awakens. First off, he doesn’t seem to own the Millennium Falcon anymore based off of his line “Chewy, we’re home”. Just from the way it is said it appears Han and Chewy haven’t been on the Falcon for a while. In fact, there was an old rumor at MSW where they claim that:

probably lost the Falcon days–if not moments–before The Force Awakens begins.

However, we think the time span was longer than this based on his comment to Chewy.

There is a brand new article on EW that suggests that Han Solo has continued to have money troubles which leads me to believe he either sold the Falcon or had it taken to pay a debt.


Based off of this information I also believe its safe to say that Han and Leia are not together at the start of The Force Awakens. Why would they have fallen apart? Its not unknown for couples to be unable to survive the loss of a child and I believe that this would certainly tear them apart. If their child was assumed dead or knowingly chose a path that was counter to what Leia and Han had fought for I could see them separating. The pain of loss is something both of them would take out on each other. Is Han a father? I think yes based on the idea that he and Leia are no longer together. As to who is Han’s child I am not 100% sure but it will be either Rey, Kylo, or both.


Han also still has his contacts in the underworld of the galaxy. He is the one that takes Rey and Finn to see Maz Katana and from the rumors and leaks we know he was on a large ship with various criminal organizations when the Falcon is captured. So it seems in the 30 years since Return of the Jedi Han is once again single and reverted to his pirate/scoundrel ways. However it appears he still has the heart that made him a lovable character based on the interview with EW .

hands up

What is Han’s character arc and actions in The Force Awakens(This information is based off the numerous reports from MakingStarwars.net and official media). We meet Han and Chewy, still best buds, when they board the Falcon and meet our new heroes. One thing is for sure, Han has warmed up to the idea of the Force. He went from a vocal skeptic to saying “It’s true…all of it” in the TFA trailer. So it might be fair to say that Han has found a spiritual side in his later years.

There is a small skirmish and Han and Chewy leave with Rey and Finn. This is where we have our scene from the Trailer showing Han tell Rey and Finn its all true. Han, recognizing Luke’s lightsaber, takes them to Maz Kanata. There is a battle while at Maz’s and Han is ready to surrender when X-wings come to save the day. Han and Leia reunite after the battle and while awkward at first they do still love each other. Han enacts a plan that ends up with the Falcon crashing on the First Order planet, possibly coming out of hyperspace in the planet’s atmosphere to avoid detection. It is on this planet that Han meets his death. Based on the evidence I’ve seen, I am 100% certain that Han Solo dies in an effort to give Chewy a chance to finish the job and save Finn and Rey. His death will be at the hands of Kylo Ren.