Weekly Recap #15: November 23rd 2015

We’re now 24 days away from The Force Awakens! We’re now entering the big time of Force Awakens news. The news is coming so fast and furious that it can be hard to keep track of everything! Spoiled Blue Milk is here to do our best to at least give you the most important stuff. It’s time for your Weekly Recap!

1. First footage of The Force Awakens! This was played at the start of a tribute to John Williams

@mazlow01: Dialog! I love dialog. John Boyega seemed to be making a crap ton of noise when running. I found that odd. And Daisy’s dialog seemed to me to be calm considering everything. However based on this scene I think the Finn trailer dialog where he says we need to run is him talking to Daisy.

@davestrrr: I was really surprised how different a short bit of footage could be from a trailer. HUGE difference. The music, the excitement. We’ve seen those shots a few times, and it was really cool to see that there is dialogue going on at the same time. Cool that we know Rey is already a pilot. I mean, we sort of already knew this because it was long known that she would fly the Falcon. However, still cool that she calls herself a pilot, just like Anakin and Luke did before here. Rey is a young, precocious pilot on a desert planet…Hmmm.


2. Yahoo News has just reported that The Force Awakens is finished (found via MakingStarWars)

@mazlow01: Sweet! Hopefully we will get a rating soon then. I’m thinking its going to be PG.

@davestrrr: Nice to hear that it’s done done. My money is on PG. If it is PG-13, then  we’ll know that this one is more intense than thought.


3. New leaks from the Look-and-Find book have been compiled here. For example, this image:


@mazlow01: This basically confirmed about 10 of MSW earlier reports. I now feel that the plot he has out there is the basic bones of the movie and anyone disagreeing just doesn’t like Jason.

@davestrrr: So lots of details here. We know know that the resistance base planet is called D’Qar, and we know that Leia sends the squadron to help our heroes at Maz’s castle. We also get our first live image of Lor San Tekka. Looks like the old cyborg rumors are false, unless he has a cyborg arm off screen or something. Lots of good details here.


4. New TV Spot! This one has a shot of Nien Nunb and Jessica Pava:

@mazlow01: Anyone else think Jessica is going to die? Just me? Anyway that is pretty cool. Every time I see Finn fight that stormie I get excited. There is a shorter version of this commercial that shows off BB-8 using cables to stabilize himself too.

@davestrrr: This is great. Nice to see good old Nunb in action live. Just like old times. The voice is exactly the same.


5. There is a new rumor about the livestock on Han’s freighter at Making Star Wars.

@mazlow01:  I suspect this gets cut. I don’t know why but its seems an odd break in the narrative the way it is described.

@davestrrr: So this is where the Octopus ended up. I hope this doesn’t end up looking really cheesy and overly CGI. Something about too many tentacles ends up looking strange.


6. Disney has only shown 5% of the marketing campaign according to a new report.

@mazlow01: Jebus save me! I will never leave the couch if I’m getting more Star Wars! That being said I think that the 5% is an exaggeration.

@davestrrr: Hope they don’t oversaturate. I don’t know, it feels like we’ve already seen 5% of the film. What could the rest of the ad campaign possibly bring?


7. First live shot of Maz Kanata found in a new commercial (source):


Compare this shot to the leaked Lego image and the Poster:


@mazlow01: The video has been removed… I think maybe it wasn’t supposed to be released. Maz looks different than I expected even after what we have seen already. Maybe there are a few shots needed more CGI work?

@davestrrr: The video is no where to be found. Hopefully this image is OK. My first impression was that Maz is cuter than I expected! Almost certainly will be a top selling toy/new character.


8. GamesRadar is reporting an interview with Mark Hammil where he claims to be holding a huge rumor secret.

@mazlow01: I saw on twitter he said this was about a Joker project. Then again maybe he’s just throwing us off.

@davestrrr: I’m not sure about it being about Joker. It seemed like in the context of Star Wars. Yes, the interview was something for Joker, but I definitely got the impression that he was talking about Star Wars. I would assume that this has something to do about the intervening years before TFA, or the parentage of some of the main characters.


9. Yet another spot showing off a couple of new scene and new dialog from Maz

@mazlow01: I love Maz’s line here. Rey is looking for belonging and family. Its not in her past but her future… aka LUKE!

@davestrrr: Seems like a lot of the same footage, but I like the new shot of Rey. Yeah, the Maz thing is very optimistic about the future. I feel like we’ve been getting a lot of little sound bytes from a motivational speech that Maz will give. Still seems bizarre, with that little alien character sounding like that, but hopefully it will make sense on screen.


9. Bonus: Watch Jimmy Kimmel Tonight for interviews with the cast of The Force Awakens