Weekly Recap #16 November 30th 2015

Hey there Star Wars fans! We’re here to bring you your weekly assortment of Star Wars spoilery goodness. This week is no exception. We’re now 19 days from The Force Awakens, and new pieces of info are coming in. Almost as if it is carefully timed to keep us in a constant state of anticipation for this film…Let’s get into it!

1. New Wookiee character reported by MSW in a recent article!


mazlow01: Rogue One news! I certainly hope its a new Wookiee character because if its Chewie then the Star Wars universe is way too small.

davestrrr: It’s kind of a double edge sword. If it’s Chewie, which I doubt given his looks, then the universe is too small, but if it isn’t Chewie, then it’s like “we got another Wookiee”. Nevertheless, it looks like good costume work.


2. Mads Mikkelsen talks about Rogue One, in particular how it compares to other Star Wars movies


mazlow01: Nothing breath taking here but its nice to hear different but familiar seems to be the goal with Rogue One

davestrrr: No huge revelations, but at least we get a confirmation that the look of it could be a little different, and have Gareth Edwards’ touch. With that said, Gareth is a HUGE Star Wars fan, so how different could it be?


3. New Disney Channel The Force Awakens Preview! (available here)

mazlow01: Finn is going to be such a badass. And Boyega will become a huge star after this is all over. I expect that if anyone in this cast will be a Ford like career after Star Wars it will be him

davestrrr: Great preview! There a lot of good shots in there, including a couple of new ones. One that caught my eye was the shot of the Millennium Falcon sliding down the snow-covered mountain. This shot:


I presume this is right after the Falcon crashes through those trees seen in earlier trailers. It’s possible that the Falcon comes out of Hyperspace in the StarKiller base planet’s atmosphere in order to avoid detection, and have to slow down in a crash landing that sends them sliding down the mountain. This could play off in a very “Temple of Doom” way. Who knows what comes after?



4. New Map reveals that the StarKiller Base may be built on the planet of Ilum. Reddit user Piggledy pointed this out, and MakingStarWars ran a piece on this.

mazlow01: I love this idea. Despite what so many people claimed about the JJ and KK not liking the Prequel era there are a ton of throw backs to it.

davestrrr: I think this would be fantastic! Props to @JOutred for pointing this out long ago. This would not only be cool, because it connects one of the coolest episodes from the Clone Wars, but it would also make a lot of sense. The First Order would need such a planet because of its reservoir of Kyber crystals. The Kyber crystals could channel and amplify the energy required to produce its giant laser blast.


5. New photo of Billie Lourd and PZ-4C0:


mazlow01: So it appears she’s some sort of tactician? All of her scenes appear to be in the control room with Leia so she’s important if only a minor character.

davestrrr: Nothing too new, as we saw Billie in a previous trailer ( I think THE trailer, but I can’t keep track anymore!), but it does suggest that she works with PZ-4C0, which is a cool revelation. Yeah, maybe she is some sort of tactician of sorts? I wonder if she is an emerging character that will come into play in later episodes?


6. New TV Spot “All the Way”

mazlow01: New Snoke dialog! And towards the end there it appeared that Finn was shouting Rey looking to the sky. I guess he knows they kidnapped her.

davestrrr: This TV Spot is amazing! Great shots. The new dialogue is pretty good too. I think Snoke is going to shape out quite nicely. He has the perfect, ominous, gravely, slow, villainous voice that we need in a head bad guy! Snoke is the one major character that we haven’t seen and I just can’t wait. I hope he looks cool!!!!


7. StarWarnsNewsNet ran a piece discussing the Empire article. There are a couple of interesting tidbits from this:

  • Some of the classic films that JJ watched for inspiration are mentioned.
  • “Force back”
  • Snoke was critical in seducing Kylo to the Dark side.
  • and more!

mazlow01: I think the “Force Back” is actually the Flashback featuring the Knights of Ren. I think the line from Mark Hamill about working with Carrie and Harrison is odd… it doesn’t fit with the current information we have about the plot. Maybe they interact during the flashback?

davestrrr: I’m not sure about the “flashback theory” because KK says “Kylo and the Knights of Ren unleash a Force Back”. I was under the impression that Maz was responsible for the flashback. That’s what old reports say and to me makes the most sense for the story. Not sure why the KoR would be generating it. Also, when she says “unleash”, it sounds more like an attack move to me.


8.  Amazon France leaked the track list for The Force Awakens Soundtrack (proof here, courtesy of Reddit user Apophis):

  1. Main Title and the Attack on the Jakku Village
  2. The Scavenger
  3. I Can Fly Anything
  4. Rey Meets BB-8
  5. Follow Me
  6. Rey’s Theme
  7. The Falcon
  8. That Girl with the Staff
  9. The Rathtars!
  10. Finn’s Confession
  11. Maz’s Counsel
  12. The Starkiller
  13. Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle
  14. The Abduction
  15. Han and Leia
  16. March of the Resistance
  17. Snoke
  18. On the Inside
  19. Torn Apart
  20. The Ways of the Force
  21. Scherzo for X-Wings
  22. Farewell and the Trip
  23. The Jedi Steps and Finale

mazlow01: Holy cow! Now this to me confirms so much about the plot. I wonder what Finns confession is, just was a Storm trooper or I know who Kylo Ren was or we were on the hunt to kill Jedi. I think based on the track listing we won’t meet Snoke until right before final attack. Torn apart may not be Qui-Gon’s noble end but I’ll be damned if its not hinting that Han dies. The Ways of the Force sounds like something Kylo would say before or while he was beating Finn and Rey would say back when she decides to take up the lightsaber. I’m betting the Scherzo and Ways are intermixed through the two battles.

davestrrr: Cool. Who or what is a “Scherzo”? Yeah, the “Ways of the Force” sounds cool, and I hope it has to do with a great ESB Yoda-style moment when we get goosebumps over the power of the Force and it’s more mystical side. The Ranthars are intriguing. Strange that I’ve never heard of either Scherzo or Ranthars? I’m surprised that with less than 20 days till TFA there are still names of things important enough to make titles of the soundtrack are still unknown to us! Tells me we know very little.



9. New Disney Infinities Commercial shows Rey with a Lightsaber

mazlow01: I’ll take that as more confirmation thank you very much. Also fantastic catch!

davestrrr: Yeah, this is a very cool find, and props to DisneyInfinityCodes for finding this. What does this say about Rey? We ran a piece about Rey possibly already being a Jedi. For this to still hold up, a lot of hard to believe things need to be in place. Yet, I it also seems a little hard to believe that she could pick one up and face him if this is the first time she has ever picked up a lightsaber. Maybe she has a secret history as part of Luke’s Academy?