Weekly Recap #22: January 18th, 2016

Greeting, Star Wars fans! We’re back for another weekly recap!

1. Director and Writer(?) of Episode IX Colin Trevorrow teases us his movie. 

Here’s a video of Trevorrow on Episode IX:

davestrrr: It’s great to have such enthusiasm for Star Wars! I think he is more than capable of making a great movie, and with this kind of love for the saga, I’m pretty sure he’ll do well.

mazlow01: Just have to say the way everyone is talking about Episode 8 & 9 is making me very happy. I think we have some really good Star Wars on the way.

2. Variety has a short list of potential Han Solo actors.

davestrrr: I could kinda see a couple of these guys. Maybe some of them sorta could look like Han with the right make-up, hair, and costume. Some shots of Miles Teller look plausible. Maybe Blake Jenner. I think a lot will depend on their voice and swagger, and the right context, and hair etc. We’ll have to see…

mazlow01: Honestly visually none of these guys do it for me. But think Han is more about the attitude than anything else.

3. VogueUK has a great interview with John Boyega

davestrrr: Some of the best parts of this interview was him talking about Episode VIII. I like this quote:

“It’s great. Much darker, but we’re very excited.”

Suggesting that they are going with the traditional structure with the second act to be the darkest, while putting the heroes in a jam. Many people thought that The Force Awakens was dark, so this kind of confirms the notion that this trilogy is definitely geared toward a more adult audience. Probably a good strategy since the younger fans of the PT are now grown up, and the older fans of the OT have been asking for it for a long time.

mazlow01: Is John not the coolest guy? I mean he just comes across as one of us that gets to act in the movies. Its freaking fantastic.

4. MakingStarwars broke that Princess Leia was coming to Rebels!

davestrrr: This is very cool, except for the fact that Ezra and Leia (and Luke) were all born on Empire day, hence the same age. Why does she look so much taller and older?

mazlow01: I guess this had to happen eventually, and it seems like she is in both worlds. Trying to fix the empire from the inside and help those on the outside. Should be interesting.

5. New spy photos of Rogue One sets from TMZ


davestrrr: I could easily believe this photos to be of Episode VIII as well. Weird that TMZ has been one of the first to leak set photos for the past two star wars movies. Looks like Poes’ X-wing, doesn’t it?

mazlow01: Man Disney/Lucasfilm has just nailed the feel of Star Wars

6. New Rebels Trailer and Breakdown from EW

davestrrr: This was really cool. I’m finally getting excited about Rebels. The past season started off OK, but then got a little slow for me. This one is looking like it is going in the directions that are exciting for me. I am on board with seeing Maul train Ezra. That said, we may only see Maul for just a brief moment in the season and have to wait until Season 3 for more. My mind is racing with ideas about this underground Sith Temple. Is it under the Jedi temple on Coruscant? What is that laser blast? Is that the start of Technology used in the Death Star?

mazlow01: I’m not going to lie, this was getting me so freaking hyped until I saw they brought back what I think was the worst decision of the Clone Wars cartoon, Darth Maul. I don’t care how good people think the stories were in TCW it wasn’t worth ruining Maul’s death. He is dead and no cartoon canon or not can change that. This literally put a sour on Rebels for me and I was really enjoying more than I ever enjoyed TCW.


7.  MTV has a report about the realistic Aliens we should expect from Rogue One

davestrrr: I certainly hope so! Nobody likes fake looking aliens. I’m looking for the style of the OT, but with greater realism. Hope they can pull it off.

mazlow01: Again that Feel of Star Wars . Nothing is more exciting.

8. MakingStarwars has rumor of a Darth Vader “Dream Team” for Rogue One.

davestrrr: This is cool. No word on who will be in the suit. How about bringing back Hayden for a shot or two with the helmet off? Personally,  I think there is great opportunity here to have Vader with some Inquisitors on the big screen. While we’re thinking of bringing back characters, I’m hoping to see The Emperor as well. Maybe that would be  bit much, but it would be cool. If there is an Emperor, then maybe, just maybe there is room to have a young Mara Jade too? She would be around 17 years old I suppose. Who knows what is canon anymore, and this movie, one way or another, has an opportunity to set up Rey’s mother.

mazlow01: How freaking cool. This tells me Vader’s involvement is more than a Cameo which is awesome. Perhaps this story is what he means when he says “There will be no one to stop us this time” in ANH?