Weekly Recap #31 March 21st 2016

We’ve got more Episode VIII a little bit on two anthology movies and a teaser for Rebels that has to be seen!

1) Latino Review has a breakdown of scene with Laura Dern

davestrrr:Laura Dern as an officer for the Resistance or some sort of politician could work potentially. I can see how she can bring intensity and heart at the same time from Jurassic Park. This is what you’d want for this role. With the political theory described in the article, I could totally see Laura Dern playing a Mon Mothma-type character. That would definitely work. Question is: would they go full-Mothma and go with short hair? No real reason too, but somehow I think Dern might be able to make short hair work for this one.

mazlow01: I like the sound of this! This is first description that doesn’t have her as some kind of fanfiction character(Rey’s mom, luke’s wife etc) But instead a foil for Leia but still against Snoke. Also more Poe!

2) MSW has break down of a few more scenes from Dubrovnik and The Daily Mail has a boat load of pics


davestrrr: These videos are so cool. I think they will all be background shots for something, but what? The spacehorse thing sounds more and more interesting each time I see it. Sort of harkens back to the many times when the heroes rode upon some sort of beast. Putting this in a modern, space-medieval theme is something out of this world. You can bet that a lot of CGI will be added to these shots too. I would think some small touch-ups like background technology, or wires or something could be great.

mazlow01: Ok so we have a chase scene and explosions. I really wonder what is going on here. We know Finn will be in this scene and that is it. None of the principles were actually there so this is obviously an action scene that will feed off of something else. I’m really curious.

3) The Han Solo movie has a trio of young actors fighting for the job.

davestrrr: However, it appears that Taron Egerton has recently said that they haven’t called him yet. That said, he could just be playing coy given some sort of NDA. He would be a good choice assuming he can pull off the American accent, but something tells me he can.

mazlow01: I’m cool with all of these guy but Edgerton to me is the best choice. He seems to have that swagger that Harrison naturally has.

4) MSW has an inside view and an editorial about what we know about Rogue One cameos

image credit: slashfilm


davestrrr: The Han Solo appearing in Rogue One could be cool, but how would it happen? The only way I can see this happening is if they don’t show his face, and only show him from behind or the side, next to Chewie. One scene that could be cool is Han escaping some Imperials. For example, maybe the scene where he dumps his (Jabba’s stuff) cargo and escapes the Empire referenced in ANH. This could be a very marginal side-scene that just gives a nod to the fans. I don’t think they can show his face because this takes place immediately before ANH. So unless he looks exactly like Han Solo, it would work. That said…there could be some old archival footage of Harrison Ford when filming ANH that they could dig up. I’m sure they could find a little scene that we haven’t seen before. Something with just Han and Chewie. As far as the bounty hunters mentioned from this article, that would be amazing. I remember when this rumor broke and I still think it would be a really cool idea. It is clear that our main characters are the rebels, but teaming up with the bounty hunters for part of the film would be amazing. I’d love to see a CGI IG-88 in action.

mazlow01: I wouldn’t want to see Solo or Yoda but the rest would be cool as hell to see.

5)Rebels Finale trailer:

davestrrr: I’m looking forward to this. I’m not sure how it is all going to play out. I definitely want to see Ahsoka face Vader. I can’t imagine how that will happen, but I’m sure it will be emotional and gut wrenching. It would be amazing to also see Vader vs Maul. Seriously, this episode could end up being the best Rebels episode yet.

mazlow01: Honestly I’m so excited to see this… is it bad that I want Ahsoka to die? Also Maul needs to die too. Him more than her, she can survive but die at the end of the series but I really want her to die facing Vader even if it takes place later on.

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