Weekly Recap #34: April 11th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! We’re back for another weekly Star Wars news recap. Last week we got our first footage of the first stand-alone “Anthology film” Rogue One. We also got some new information on Episode VIII.  Let’s begin…


source: mtv.com

1. New interview of Daisy about Rey and the tone of Episode VIII on MTV

davestrrr: The darker tone is expected for the second act. I’m interested in the fact that she says she doesn’t think she’s a Jedi…how could that be? Maybe in the sense that she is only a padawan? This is troubling in a way because I think Rey is THE Jedi of the new trilogy. I have to assume that what this means is she is not a Jedi yet. Remember Vader from ESB said this to Luke as well. He was powerful in ESB as the Emperor had foreseen, but he was not a Jedi. In that case, we may not see Rey become a true Jedi until Episode IX.

mazlow01: She knows who her parents are… which to me says WE know at least one of her parents. So Luke and mystery woman is the leading candidate.


2. Starwarspost has set images of Ceann Sibeal as does the Irish Examiner 

davestrrr: Not really much there at all. No need to get excited yet. At this point, it looks like it is more likely that Pinewood will double for Ahch-To, and this location will be something else.

mazlow01: Well we knew they couldn’t keep shooting at Skellig Michael so again not a surprise but we now know of two different locations where they’ve built the huts. This tells me they shoot some outdoors at Ceann Sibeal and probably just entrances and interior at Pinewood.

Frank Oz performing Yoda during Empire Strikes Back. (Lucasfilm)

3.MSW has reports of Frank Oz being on set for Episode VIII

davestrrr: I am really really hoping that there will be motion capture. How cool would that be? Motion capture is really the “new” puppetry, so why not teach a master like Oz how to do the next generation of technology?

mazlow01: Force ghost Yoda telling Luke to get involved? Helping Rey learn certain things? Who cares as long as I get Yoda!


4. Rian Johnson has posted an image of Maz during a Mo-Cap shoot.

davestrrr: This is really cool. This looks a little more advanced than what we see in the behind the scenes footage for the TFA blue-ray. Not sure how much of this is live, and how much is just an image either.

mazlow01: Well we already knew she’d be back but I really like this confirmation. Hopefully her involvement is stepped up in this one and is in all three acts.


5. Did you watch the Rogue One Trailer yet?

davestrrr: Of course I’ve seen it! Looks like an outstanding cast, and they are really pushing the look and feel of the OT very strongly. I’m thinking this one will pan out to be a well-loved movie. Can’t wait to learn more about his large cylindrical tube that we see someone in black kneeling before. My guess is all the theories are wrong and we have no idea who or what that is. I think there is a chance that it is Vader. We’ve never seen Vader with a hood, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t at some point see it!

mazlow01: I think I’ve seen this about 50 times. I wrote about this last week  and I thought it was great and it gives JUST enough to introduce our characters and get even a causal fan excited.


6. MSW has a great breakdown of the Rogue One trailer

davestrrr: Yeah, check this one out. I listened to a good break down on @MSWRebelGrrl last night too. One thing, I don’t buy the Vader breathing at the end. I’ve listened to it many times. I think it was just an echo added to Forest’s voice, and this just evokes Vader in the context of it being Star Wars and the Imperial March at the end.

mazlow01: These guys do some of the best work around. This is why we didn’t do our own breakdown.


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