The one theory about Snoke that seems to hold up.

We’ve spent some time thinking about Snoke. You can read our previous articles on him here, here, and here. We’ve explored many of the theories and rumors out there. That’s what we do at Spoiled Blue Milk. We dig up the theories from the unknown regions of the world wide web, and run them up the flagpole, and see if the evidence holds up. Today is no different. One theory that recently became pretty much refuted was the theory that Snoke is Darth Plagueis. In a recent tweet, Pablo Hidalgo confirmed that Snoke as Plagueis never came up in the story discussions for The Force Awakens:

So if Plagueis never even came up, then they weren’t thinking about him in the context of Snoke’s backstory at all. It’s pretty hard to argue that Snoke could be Plagueis any more, unless we are prepared to believe that JJ Abrams and Larry Kasdan are keeping it to themselves until Episode IX or something. Not likely.

So we can add to the very little that we know about Snoke that he is not Plagueis. Other than that, we know next to nothing. All we know is he saw the rise of the Empire, he is 7 feet tall, he looks old and decrepit, and he is accomplished with the dark side of the Force. There really isn’t any information or other theories that hold up about him, is there? Well, there is that one…

I recently came across a theory of Snoke that seems to make a heck of a lot of sense, that Snoke is a Celestial, or at least a descendant of the Celestials. Now who exactly were the Celestials? The Celestials just might be the oldest beings in the Star Wars Universe. They are an anceint species of incredible power, and may even be the architects of numerous star systems and planets, hyperspace routes, and maybe even the galaxy itself. These were supernatural beings that fit into the very foundations of all of Star Wars.

“The Ones” on Mortis were 7 feet tall humanoids, just like Snoke. Lucasfilm

Although the Celestials haven’t been observed in the movies or TV, the descendents of the Celestials have. We saw three of them in the Mortis episodes of the Clone Wars TV series. These beings, known as the “Force wielders”, or “The Ones” arose from the Celestials, or were some how derived from them. The Ones were Force-sensitive, and according to Legends, they emerged from a geyser on a tropical planet, and were somehow derived from the Celestials. As you can see from the image above, they were basically 7 foot tall humanoids, just like Snoke. Many people have already pointed out the resemblance between the Son in the Mortis episodes and Snoke.


Now, I’m not saying that Snoke is the Son. Not by a long shot. The Son of Mortis died at the end of the three part story arc in the Clone Wars TV show. Nevertheless, they are similar enough to wonder if they could be of the same species. Furthermore, the Son has red eyes. That said, a closer look at the Father shows that he has pale blue eyes, just like Snoke. If he didn’t also die, I might start to wonder if Snoke was the Father with a shaved beard! Given that the Ones died during the Mortis arc, we have to only speculate that there could have been more of them, with Snoke being one.  

One of the points made by the Crafty Media video linked above was about Star Killer base. Given that a descendant of the Celestials may have advanced technological knowledge going back to ancient times, and even built star systems, it gives a plausible explanation of where the technology of the Star Killer base came from. Stories from “Star Wars Legends” say that the Celestials were the architects behind the hyperspace routes. So since Star Killer base sends blasts of energy through some sort of hyperspace rift to get across the Galaxy, this kind of knowledge would be exactly what the First Order would need. Pablo Hidalgo described the red lights that the patrons of Maz’s castle and Finn see in the sky is due to some sort of hyperspace anomaly caused by the Star Killer base’s weapon:

so the knowledge to vaporize a planet on the other side of the galaxy may actually be based on some ancient know-how on how hyperspace works. From wookieepeida

Together, [the Celestials] worked to build astonishing technological projects that ranged from the assembly of star systems to the engineering of hyperspace anomalies.[4]

However, one point that they don’t make in that video ties perfectly with the backstory of The Force Awakens. That is, the decendents of the Celestials, “The Ones”, also provide probably the only other instance of a human having their “mind wiped” in the Star Wars galaxy. The Father in the Mortis arc wiped the mind of Anakin, removing a huge chunk o’ memory:


Therefore, given that we’ve speculated here and here that Rey has had her mind wiped, then if Snoke was a descendant of the Celestials, it would expain how it happened. Either that, or Kylo Ren did it with Snoke’s training. 

What else does this theory imply? This would imply that Snoke, like The Ones, might be able to shape shift into another form. The Son and the Daughter on Mortis both could morph into some other flying being. The Son was bat-like, and the Daughter was bird-like. Makes you wonder what Snoke would look like if he could do this too. Maybe Snoke will turn into a Purrgil or something…Something tells me this would be tough to make work on the big screen, so not sure if they would do this. 

In summary, this theory would explain how the First Order in a matter of 30 years could have built a base into a planet that can shoot blasts of energy across the galaxy, and why Rey got her mind wiped. It fits Snokes size and appearance and Force powers. I can’t seem to find anything wrong with this theory, but I’m open to ideas. Post your comments below!

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