Weekly Recap #36: April 25th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars fans! We’re back with another weekly recap of Star Wars news from around the world. As always potential Spoilers ahead so run away if you don’t want to know. Let’s get to it!

Photoshopped by Dailymail.co
Photoshopped by Dailymail.co

1. After their visit to Pinewood, Prince William and Harry may have Stormtrooper cameos in Episode VIII.

mazlow01: OK this is pretty cool. I would love to end up hearing this is true.

davestrrr: Great pics! I think it is interesting to see the response from the americans compared to the brits, who are very serious in this shots. Cool that the princes got to be Storm troopers! More importantly, is the fact that….


2. And from the photos for this royal visit,  Making Star Wars has spotted that A-wings are in the Pinewood sets!

mazlow01: Looks like slightly updated A-Wings… I have to be honest I do hope we get a few truely NEW ship designs instead of continually updated old ones.

davestrrr: Yeah, I think we are overdue for some new cool designs. Still, it’s cool to pay tribute one more time to RotJ and the many other places this ship has appeared.

Image via Del Rey
Image via Del Rey

3. Star Wars Underworld did a report on some leaked details from the Bloodline novel due out on May 3rd. Could there be connections to Episode VIII?

mazlow01: I read the first 3 chapters online, holy cow is it good. Its got my brain working. Obviously there are Senators that are on the First Order take and it appears that 6 years before TFA the First Order wasn’t considered a threat by ANYONE… I can’t wait to get my hands on this book.

davestrrr: I’m looking forward to the novel! I have only read a few excerpts from it. This mysterious Senator that messed everything up for the Solos…isn’t that always the way in politics? This gives some new insight to the timeline, and some possible insight into what drove Ben Solo to the dark side. The real mind-blower is that Rey must have been on Jakku way before Ben Solo kills the other Jedi. Curious indeed…Maybe Rey wasn’t a padawan after all? I had been thinking that somehow she was all this time.


4. Making Star Wars did a report on Luke and Rey’s costumes for Episode VIII, and an artist has made this nice interpretation:

mazlow01: Looks cool but I hope Luke’s is more brown than black… or he ends up looking more like Anakin in AotC or RotS.

davestrrr: The ladies at MSWRebelGrrrl pointed out that Luke looks very “Dooku” in this concept. I agree with that. What happened to the traditional Jedi robes with a hood here? This is also a bit RotJ for Luke, which is kind of nice. Honestly, I was partial to his attire at the end of TFA. Maybe this outfit is specifically for going in public in, like to the casino.


5. In a recent interview with Oscar Isaac, he tells us that Rian Johnson is exploring new territory with Episode VIII. What could it mean? More flashbacks? Anachronistic story telling?

mazlow01: I think its more going to be a personal story this time and possibly a spy/thriller element? I like that idea for some reason.

davestrrr: That could work, but somehow, I think RJ may go for the anachronisms. To me, it is a bit off the wall considering it’s never been done in Star Wars (other than the PT coming after the OT), but if done right, it could be something special. I’m very conservative in my Star Wars, so I am reluctant to accept too many new styles in the film. I’m hoping for more wipes than JJ did!


6. Making Star Wars comes through with some great photos of Ceann Sibeal, filling in for Skellig Michael (for Ahch-To)

mazlow01: The more we see of this the more it tells me at least half the movie will take place there, which to me is a good thing.

davestrrr:Those huts…those freaking huts. They have painstakingly built these huts both at Pinewood and at Ceann Sibeal, so they must be very important. That makes me think we will go inside them, or they will somehow be crucial to the story. Could these be where the padawans stayed? Quite possible.

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