Weekly Recap #39: May 16th 2016

Happy Monday, fellow Star Wars fans! Things are really starting to feel like Summer. We just had George Lucas’ 72nd birthday on May 1, and we’re rapidly approaching the the 39th anniversary of Star Wars on this coming May 25th. So what happened this past week? We’ve got some really hot of the press updates about filming for Episode VIII. Therefore, as usual, be warned of possible SPOILERS below. Let’s get into it:

1. The story broke on jedinews.co.uk that photographer Charles McQuillan had tweeted some photos of some of the cast of the sequel trilogy: Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, and Mark Hamill.


davestrrr:  I love Mark Hamill’s response to the photographer. I saw some other photos where Daisy and Adam were kind of hiding their heads so as to not be spotted. Mark just relishes the attention! So it  seems like these three are filming on Malin Head…

mazlow01: Mark is the best! The surprise was Adam being there, it is starting to make me wonder if one or more of these 4chan/reddit leakers about the plot may be right… It does appear we will have some sort of confrontation between Kylo, Rey, and Luke… can’t wait!


2. Meanwhile, Making Star Wars just ran a piece with some photos of set construction and crews at Malin Head. Then recently, an updated photo of the set construction popped up online (from Degobabe):

from Degobabe and Reddit

Some think that this is in fact the Falcon, perhaps from a not-so-obvious angle:


davestrrr:  It’s really tough to say if this is the Falcon or not. There are some new leaks from MSW at the bottom of the page that even more look like the Falcon. At first, I knew this was either a ship or a base, but not sure if this was the Falcon. Now I’m starting to think it’s possible that it’s the Falcon. Particularly the shape of the radially outward grooves under the edges of the ship. Nevertheless, something about it seems a bit off. I think if it is the Falcon, this is only a portion of it, and they will build more structures on each side.

mazlow01: I’m about 50% its the Falcon. But with Kylo there it could be another vehicle! The one thing that bothers me it this ship looks much thicker than the Falcon… does that make sense?


3. A recent report from Star Wars News Net maps the locations in Ireland, including the recent news of County Clare:

source: SWNN

davestrrr:  Lots of different locations. All of these seem to match the planet of Ahch-To, and to me this says there will be even more action on that planet than was thought. It’s difficult to say of course, but this many location says that like 1/3 to 1/2 of this film will take place on Ahch-To. Quite a lot, but believable.

mazlow01: So Ireland is Ahch-To and based on all these locations we will spend a significant amount of movie time there… I am starting to wonder if Rey and Luke ever leave? I hope they do, if the plot comes to them then its not near as interesting


4. Making Star Wars has a leak on a scene with a character played by Tom Hardy. In a nutshell, Hardy plays a storm trooper that recognizes Finn in a short scene. Presumably, this would be a cameo with the helmet on, so we won’t actually see the Mad Max actor.

davestrrr:  There was a rumor circulating, which I guess has now been discredited, that said that Hardy was playing an older Boba Fett. When I heard it, I thought it was kind of interesting because it kind of seems he could pull it off. He isn’t too far off in looks from Temuera Morrison. Different, but possible with some makeup. This particular scene as described seems a bit hard to believe. I think it’s the “ass-slap” that is the hardest to believe. I don’t know how they could pull that off in a Star Wars film. I’ll believe it when I see it, frankly.

mazlow01: Why oh why are fans stuck on freaking Boba Fett? Can he please be dead? Please? Also that’s a pretty cool scene… I think instead of an Ass-slap it will be a shoulder slap kind of thing.


5. Oscar Isaac did an interview for ET, which was reported on by SWNN. From Issac:

“With Poe, he get’s to be more part of the story, and all of the characters in the film, they get tested intensely. It’s a lot of conflict, which is great.”

davestrrr:  I like what Oscar says when he describes Episode VIII as having the nuance and intimacy of an “indie film”. It definitely sounds pretty good when he describes it. I wonder if this will reflect in the cinematography. Will that have an “indie” feel or will it stick to the language of Star Wars that has come before. I hope they don’t change that part too much. Watching Oscar Isaac talk here…I feel that since Episode VII he has really matured in a way. He was always pretty mature, but still kind of kid-like at times in interviews. Something is different here.

mazlow01: So more Poe? I want more Poe! He’s so awesome, smart ass and also dedicated. He is Han Solo if Solo started of a true believer in the cause. I liked how he described the process and feeling of the film too. I am really confident in what we will get on screen next year.

6. John Boyega had a few things to say about Episode VIII in an interview with Variety 

davestrrr: Not much detail here, of course, given the NDA. But there is a hint of romance in Episode VIII. How will it play out? There were some rumors of Kelly Marie Tran’s character having something going on with Finn. Possibly due to Boyega praising the co-star in previous interviews. Not sure what will happen here, but if those two share a lot of screen time, that could happen.

mazlow01: This seems to confirm the idea that Finn will have a romatic relationship with out new cast member and NOT with Rey, then again maybe Rey and Kylo or Poe get romantic?

7. Last but not least, we have a leak yesterday from MSW again, with some more set photo leaks of the set construction, as well as a (kind of low quality) video of Daisy Ridley in costume!! Here is our attempt at a screen cap from the video.

for the video, head to MSW

Here’s one more photo from the article. An updated shot of the structure, making it look even more like the Falcon:


davestrrr:   I’m starting to think it’s possible that it’s the Falcon, but like I said, something about it seems a bit off. I think if it is the Falcon, then this is only part of it of it. More parts will be be added I think. Also the view is also obscured by both something blocking the camera around the edges. We’ll get a clear shot very soon. Maybe in a matter of days. Heck, maybe it’s hit the web already. With the Rey shot, it’s again really hard to say. The resolution is so low, it’s hard to make anything out. That said, the image does some to be consistent with previous reports that she would be wearing the same outfit as in TFA. Very tantalizing images.

mazlow01: OK so we have Rey in costume but I saw no one else on site… but they could be there. I also can’t tell if she has a lightsaber or her staff with her. I hope she does and I just can’t see the saber because of the image quality. Again it just doesn’t feel like the Falcon to me… I think  this is Kylo’s ship.


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