Weekly Star Wars Recap #42: June 6th 2016

What week! Not a lot of new but a whole bunch of reshoot drama. So lets break down what we’ve learned and what you missed in the Star Wars news arena!

1) Lets start with reshoot rumor from MSW that was partially refuted by McQuarrie and then EW gave us the official reshoot info!

davestrrr: What was perhaps right all along it seems is that there will be reshoots, and they are moved early to add more time. Is it just a couple weeks extra and does that constitute “lengthy” reshoots? Longer than planned I guess is important depending how long, but reshoots are nothing new. The 40% rumor has been discredited by “a source on the production”:

“If we were rewriting the movie and reshooting 40 percent of movie, we would not be finishing in August. People really would be panicking – and changing the release date.”

So I think this is business as usual. It’s also very possible that someone somewhere described the need to shoot these “intimate character moments” as changing the “tone”, and it all got blown out of proportion. I look at as standard protocol for quality control that has been in place for every Star Wars movie prior. The directory commentary on the DVDs/Bluerays are always talking about shots that were reshot. It’s possible that the task of reshooting a big number of sets is that it might take longer, and require more planning. So it’s certainly possible that the issue has more to do with the time it takes to rebuild a diverse number of sets.

mazlow01: I think what we’ve found out here Jason at MSW used the info he had and may have editorialized what was being said. He heard the writer would be on set and helping to direct second unit and figures that means McQuarrie, lots of dialog being reshot equals 40%. In essence he wasn’t wrong but he definitely made some assumptions he shouldn’t have. However it appears to be based on the EW report that he was correct overall. I find the idea that McQuarrie would have responded to a request for comment from MSW laughable though… his “righteous anger” is disingenuous at best.


2) Looks like EW’s report isn’t 100% on the up and up as a Stunt Coordinator joins the group for reshoots

davestrrr: Seems like more than dialog. There were a lot of reports about Donnie Yen doing reshoots. He is a bit of an action oriented character, so I would expect the stunt coordinator to be there. IF so, then they might be upping the badassery of this character. This could be to shoot a single kick or punch in some of the fights to make them seem more real.

mazlow01: EW says it dialog… but there is a stunt coordinator. So maybe MSW got more than they want to be released correct to begin with?

3) Once again toys are giving us our first look at new ships this time lego for Rogue One

davestrrr: Image has already been taken down. We already had some images of some ships before like this one:


Hopefully that will suffice until the other one comes back on the web.

mazlow01: I love getting new ships but it does make me wonder why we didn’t see something like these during the first main trilogy. But whatever new ships!


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