Weekly Star Wars Recap #43: June 13th 2016

Another week and its another recap. This week doesn’t have anything mind blowing but we do start to see the fabric of Rogue One and Episode VIII coming together.

1) First up is this story from MSW about Kyber Crystals.

davestrrr: We’ve covered the idea of Kyber Crystals before, and with their role in SW Rebels and the Clone Wars, it would be great to see them in the movie. I’d love to hear about them both in Rogue One and Episode VIII!

mazlow01: While the nerd in me likes this the Star Wars movie fan hates this idea. I have always been a proponent of the Star Wars is Space Fantasy/Opera not SciFi. Explanations like this belong in SciFi hopefully this is just back story and not a huge part of the story and ISN’T explored.

2) Next is potential names for a few more Rogue One characters(MSW)

davestrrr: Not sure about “Castro”. I would think that is too relevant for today’s politics. I mean GL put the name “Gunray” as a variant on “Reagan” (Ray-gun) as well as Lott Dodd. However, I don’t know how this connection would be relevant. At this point, these names could be code names, but cool to read nonetheless.

mazlow01: Not sure where he gets his info but I love Jason for it! Pretty cool nothing earth shattering but anything is better than eel leader.

source: Ryan Johnson’s tumblr

3 Rian posted this pic of Jedi robes to his Tumbler

davestrrr: The robe looks cool, but it has that neck-tie rope thing. That makes me think this could be Rey’s. It reminds me of little red riding hood with that tie, and could be cute on a lady, but not so much on a guy like the last Jedi.

mazlow01: Ok so these look different than Luke’s to me… could he have others trained? Is it Rey’s? What about Ben’s old robes before he was Kylo Ren? Or Snoke’s? So many possiblities! But I’m guessing its just Luke’s, perhaps a different set than the other ones.


4) An IMDB poster with a small amount of correct information for TFA has this to say about Leia and Rey

davestrrr: I think Leia using the Force would be great. It also mirrors the fact that she used the Force in ESB, the second movie of a trilogy. About the parentage, this one I’ll leave alone for now. I think there is a lot of questions about Rey’s parentage and I would suspect, like Mark Hammil going into ESB, only 3 people know the true answer.

mazlow01: TO me Leia using the force in a time of distress is a no brainer, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Luke has sent her a Force by mail instruction plan since TFA… just fits to me that Leia would now want to or need to learn more of the Force. I don’t think this guy is right about Rey though…

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