Weekly Star Wars Recap #44: June 20th 2016

Greetings, Star Wars, fans! Not much in news this week, we only have three stories of note. So let’s get into it and go from there:

source: SWU

1. Star Wars Underworld has a sneak peak at the TFA comic coming soon!

mazlow01: I love the way this looks. I really wish this was released closer to the movie but this will be joining my copies of the OT comics.

davestrrr: Looks great! Excellent artwork as far as I can see. What I wouldn’t give to get a sneak-peak of the Episode VIII comic! But seriously, I’m not a huge comics collector, but will very likely collect this series as I did with a number of the recent ones.


2. Stormtrooper Larry has released info from his contact about supposed Episode VIII leaks

mazlow01: I have to be honest, I don’t find this source credible at all. In fact it seems like fanfiction to me. If this is true it does not sound good, in fact it would destroy the goodwill The Force Awakens has generated. I know Stromtrooper Larry has good intentions and isn’t trying to dupe people so this isn’t really his fault. But with the lack of news as of late I can understand wanting to release what we have. The big thing to me is known good sources like MSW and Starwarsnews haven’t run this, plus Jeremy over at Furious Fanboys has debunked this and he has good contacts.

davestrr: It does sound a bit farfetched, but he goes to lengths to justify believing that source. Still, something about it seems fan-produced. The brother and sister certainly come across as hinting at “Mortis”. The way both the brother and sister “transform” and the way they hold the same associations as the “Son” and “Daughter” from the Mortis arc (being dark side and light side respectively). I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to this storyline if something something comes out of it, but at this point it seems a bit off from what they would do. The one “flashback” seemed like a break from tradition in TFA, and this would take that even further. That said, maybe this is the plan for the sequel trilogy? Looking back. Let’s put it this way, I’ll keep my eyes on this one and see if it connects to anything else later on.

3. Making Star Wars has some new info on the X-wing sequences and hyper-real backgrounds.

mazlow01: This sounds awesome. The more REAL news I hear the more I am excited.

davestrrr: I thought this sounded great! I never really saw Oblivion, but that youtube video there kind of gives the gist it would seem. Could be good, the question is whether it would work with really fast flying and X-wings. I can only assume that they checked it out first. This would be especially nice in slow-moving ascending and descending shots in-atmosphere, or maybe even a flying sequence in-atmosphere with some planetary landscape in the background. The way they did a whole sequence with the Falcon and TIE fighters in the atmosphere of Jakku could be the start of a cool trend. It definitely worked in TFA!



In Memoriam

We wanted to say a quick word on the death of Anton Yelchin. His death is a tragic accident at  took a wonderful young actor too soon. I personally met Anton in early 2009 at an airport. I recognized him as being in the Star Trek movie coming out that May. I introduced myself told him I was looking forward to the movie and we spoke for maybe 5 minutes, he was friendly, asked me about myself and where I was going etc. I personally loved his performance in Odd Thomas (one of my favorite novels) and he had a great  future ahead of him. He will be missed by many. Rest in Peace, Anton.