Weekly Star Wars Recap #50: August 1st 2016

Yeah, that’s right, Star Wars fans! This is our 50th weekly recap. Since do this thang every Monday, that means in two weeks we will have been doing this for 1 year! Time flies when you’re having fun. This week seems like a drought compared to the deluge we’ve been having after Celebration Europe. Let’s check out the news.


Alan Tudyk revealed a few details about the droid he’s playing for Rogue One: K2S0. Among them:

Imperial Droid

reprogrammed by Deigo Luna’s character

A little off, memory wiped that left a few “circuits unconnected”.

“not like other droids”.

Check the video here. We have learned before that this droid doesn’t exactly follow orders. At Celebration, they showed footage where the droid just straight-up dropped a bag that was handed to him. I’m excited about this character more and more. He reminds of the homicidal robots in the Vader comic which is a good thing.

Animated GIF revealing the background characters from the behind the scenes footage for Rogue One


Posted to reddit, this animated GIF gives a slo-mo sequence of shots of the background characters. Nice to get a clean look! Looks like Rogue One is giving us more new designs than TFA across the board.I hope that this will end up being true with Episode 8 as well. If there is one legitimate complaint about TFA its that they were too rooted in the old designs.

Han Solo and Hayden Christensen will not be in Rogue One.

MakingStarWars.net brings us a story about these two characters not being in the film. There has been a long-standing rumor that Han Solo will be in a cameo for Rogue One, and this appears to debunk that. Ultimately, the source is Gareth Edwards himself, it looks like. Han wasn’t needed as a cameo and Christensen isn’t needed to play Vader. He’s not James Earl Jones.

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