Weekly Star Wars Recap #52: August 15th 2016

One year in the bucket. One year of weekly recaps sometimes they were packed sometimes they had one story but we got them all out no matter what. I have to say I’m happy that we have a few offical stories to share this week. I’d say we were lucky but we don’t believe in luck around here.

We got a Rogue One trailer baby! 

I love the shots of Jedha, honestly just perfect. Gives a real feel of how a religion would grow out of the Force and how much the Empire is lording over it now. No wonder the Jedi are already considered myths.  I got a feeling that Saw is a kind of mentor to Jyn in this trailer too, considering his actions were considered extreme after the war and she has a litany of crimes in the first that would match up with those tactics. I wouldn’t be surprised it that was true. Only two things bothered me, first Tudyk’s K2SO voice sounded like his Sonny voice from I,Robot and the dialog was kind of meh to me. Maybe after seeing more it will sound like a more distinct character.

Next there were 5 new stories from EW on Rogue One. 


Edwards on Jedha

Very cool but not any real new information. Still cool to hear it from the director. However it seems more and more that this is world where Jyn recruits her team. Perhaps they even follow the Death Star from there after it fires at the planet to its tropical building location. Edwards also recently confirmed that Han Solo would not be in Rogue One, but we’ve already covered that in past recaps.

Riz Ahmed on his character

I liked the characterization of his character being the Star Wars universe version of a truck driver. He’s just doing his job and discovers that maybe his employer is a lot worse than he thought. It also states that the others relay on his “technical skills”, which is saying a lot considering Cassian Andor reprogrammed K2-S0, meaning he’s no slouch when it comes to technical skills. Presumably, these are Empire-specific technical skill. Bodhi Rook is described as “not a natural fighter”, so it will be interesting to see how he fits into this rag-tag group of Rebels.


Alan on K2SO

I will always love Alan Tudyk. He is just awesome in everything. I like the idea that K2SO just says whatever comes to his head with “no filter”, like an older person or a two year old. Personally I imagine he is vocalizing what R2 has been saying for years. K2SO is described as “fiercely loyal”, and comes across as the Chewbacca of this movie.


Forrest on Saw 

Darth Vader and Saw are similar? When I saw taht in the title I was thinking it was clickbaity but it makes sense. Pushed to edge, using a suit of tech to stay alive, fighting for a cause bigger than themselves and willing to do anything for it? Yep very similar. I also liked that he said we will see why he is shaved in some shots and full head of hair in others. With all the tubes around his armor it might also suggest that his suit helps him breath, but this isn’t confirmed.

Jones on women in the Rebellion

I’m really excited to see her character on screen and can’t wait for my niece’s to see it too. With her and Rey I feel like Star Wars is growing up, even if some of its fans refuse to. She is still the only woman in a group of like 8 so the idea of “fanboys” pitching a fit about women in the lead is disingenuous at best and misogyny at worst.

Lucasfilm EW.com
Lucasfilm EW.com

Jedha could be where lightsabers come from

A clever Redditor (TeddyBdaGOAT) noticed ExtraTV had an Interview with Donnie Yen that mention Jedha and lightsabers.

Ok this is really cool and gives me a hint as to some of the things we’re seeing in the trailer. I believe we see the first firing of the laser hitting Jedha and this doesn’t completely destroy the planet. They need more powerful kyber crystals which they get at Jedha, perhaps part of the reason they are firing is to uncover the crystals needed? It seems to me that Jedha is where lightsabers were first developed and Ilum is one of the planets discovered later to provide crystals.

John Williams will begin composing the music for Episode VIII in a few weeks

Here is the scoop. This is certainly comforting to hear that John Williams is still going strong. Here’s hoping he will continue for a long time. It also says that he will see a cut of the film in a few weeks, which is exciting to now that they are that far along.


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