A Rogue Plot

Despite Rogue One being shrouded in mystery most people have had the basic plot down from the beginning. Rebels lead by Jyn Erso steal the plans to the death star. But what if that isn’t exactly how it goes down?

Until yesterday I assumed the basic 3 acts were 1) Introduction to our characters/build the team 2) Search for the weapon/plans  3) plans found try to escape. But now I am starting to wonder if the team finds the plans much earlier in the film. And its all because of this:

I’m sure you are thinking what could a “fan film” toy commercial really tell us about the Rogue One plot. Honestly I didn’t expect anything when I watched it either, but something stood out. The idea that the plans were passed from one group to another.

What if instead a straight up heist/war movie we have something else entirely. Act one will be meet the main characters and get the plans on Jedha. Act two the plans are taken back by the Empire and they must retrieve them, this leads them to form a team and head to Scarif to retrieve them. The third is them on the run once again with the plans and where Vader comes into the picture. This will give our heroes more obstacles to overcome and gives motivation for the rest of the crew to join up. This movie would be more of a surprise and account more for the idea that there is “nothing to stop them this time”

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