Weekly Star Wars Recap #57: Sept. 19th 2016

This week’s recap has a little bit of everything; Rebels, Rogue One, Episode VIII and more! If its news worthy we have it so lets jump in to the recap and warning spoilers ahead!

First up is a Clip from the next season of Rebels featuring the Bendu!

The amount of lore building Rebels is adding is amazing. Bendu was part of the name for the Jedi in the first script and Ashla and Bogan were names for two moons that represented the light and dark in the now Legends books. Adding these in is a great touch from the story group. Also if you pay attention a convor shows up at the 27 second mark. This one looks different than the last one we saw, at least to me, reminds me of Ahsoka for some reason. Anyway this is a cool addition and I really hope we get a few episodes with him.

Rogue One gets a new composer!

Via Hollywoodreporter 

Michael Giacchino has replaced Alexandre Desplat as the films composer. It seems in the fandom people are excited about this as he is a huge Star Wars fan and many expected him to score TFA if Williams wasn’t available. This change does confirm that the reshoots were more extensive than originally planned as they are the reason for the change since it pushed back the schedule for scoring.

Lego gives us Pao’s species.

Via Lego.com

Pao is a Drabata, an amphibious race. Nothing exciting but hey maybe he’ll be useful on the beach taking out Death Troopers from the water?

Starwarsnews.net has two stories about additional Episode VIII shooting

Via Starwarsnews.net 1, 2

This is pretty cool, its important to note that just because PRINCIPLE photography is done it doesn’t mean ALL photography is done. Its not a surprise that with the number of big names attached to the movie that scheduling might cause the film to shoot scenes after principle photography, heck technically they shot some BEFORE principle had started.


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