Weekly Star Wars Recap #62: October 24th 2016

Another week and another recap. Got some new stuff on Episode VIII and the Han Solo film coming out. Potential spoilers ahead! 

Hanthology: How Han got the Falcon?

Slashfilm has a bit more on this too. Not that this is surprising but honestly… I kinda don’t want to know. That is my general feeling on this story anyway though.

One way this could work is if they show a card game, game of Sabaac or something similar. This would help establish Lando’s background and character. He is described by Han in ESB as a “card player, gambler”. It would be great to portray this aspect on the big screen, and connecting it to losing the Falcon would make sense.

Donald Glover is Lando

From movieweb.com
From movieweb.com

Starwars.com  released last week that Donald Glover has been cast to play a young Lando which ties in nicely with the above rumor. Again I(Mazlow01) feel this is almost stunt casting. Its a hook to get us interested in a story that ultimately has no interest.

I’m not necessarily agreeing with Mazlow on this one (Davestrrr here) about being “stunt casting”. I think this guy could be a really good fit for this role. Donald Glover is multi-talented. Admittedly, Lando/Billy Dee is inimitable. These are very big shoes to fill. Glover seems like the best choice from the names we’ve heard to be able to come close to filling this role.

Rey’s parents revealed!

Makingstarwars.net has a story covering an interview by The Vulture in which Daisy makes it seem as though we will know who her parents are at the end of Episode VIII. I hope that this isn’t us reading into things and at this point I really hope she’s not related to anyone. I want her to be a random that had family being chased by the First Order for unknown reasons. Probably the most important thing is for everyone to keep an open mind here. Rey is a much loved character and if we get too attached to any of the many possible backstories she could have, then a lot of people will be disappointed.

New Details on the TFA 3D Blue-Ray release.


There is a fresh report this morning from jedinew.co.uk on the TFA 3D BlueRay. In fact, they have a breakdown of the possible deleted scenes. Head over for the full deets and check out that sites new look!

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