Weekly Star Wars Recap #63: October 31st 2016

Happy Halloween, Star Wars fans. We’re back with another edition of the weekly Star Wars Recap. Let’s get into it. Beware spoilers ahead whooooo!

New Episode VIII details from Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley shared some details during an interview with “Happy, Sad, Confused Podcast”. Daisy states that Kelly Marie Tran’s role is crucial for Episode VIII. It sounds like we can expect to see a lot of growth in the character of Rey during the film as well. Kelly Tran has got me interested, I’m wondering which of the rumors about her character are true, does she betray Finn or is she the key to the Resistance’s victory?

New Photo of Jyn and K2SO

USA Today
USA Today

MakingStarWars reported on a photo from USA Today that shows Jyn in handcuffs on Jedha with K2. We think there are quite a number of possibilities for this photo. This could be early in the film, showing Jyn living her life in captivity by the Empire. It could also be Jyn pretending to be held captive by K2, so they won’t be hassled by the Stormtroopers. MakingStarWars points out that Gareth Edwards described of Jyn that Events take place that just shatter her life and send her off to basically be raised as a soldier in the midst of a war.” So was she raised by the Rebellion on Jedha? There is still a possibility that this particular shots comes later in the film. I suspect this is post escape and using him to keep the idea that she is still a prisoner. I am getting more and more excited

Rogue One tickets could go on sale November 7th.

A number of news outlets, have reported that tickets for Rogue One will go on sale November 7th. The ultimate source was a newspaper in San Diego. I’m saying no to all the rumors! Actually I suspect its this Friday but who cares we all know we are going to buy them no matter the date.

Details on the next episodes of Star Wars Rebels.

Titles and Episode Descriptions for the remaining Episodes of Rebels have been leaked by JediBibiotek. This has been reported by SWNN and MSW and almost certainly others. The Rebels crew has some exciting chapters opening up and do like that they are using Maul sparingly. So do we think Sabine gets the Darksaber in the next episode?

Mads Mikkelsen praises “storytelling” in Rogue One.

StarWarsNewsNet reported a recent interview with Mads Mikkelen. The interview comes from GamesRadar and has Mads go on to say that

“A stand-alone Star Wars film that fans out to the other ones. Also, the film is going a little back to the beginning in a sense of that we got CGI but it’s not used in an extended (excessive) way. It’s back to the storytelling, back to the characters.”


Diego Luna calls Rogue One the “Most real Star Wars film”

Star Wars News Net also brings details on another interview translated from the Mexican edition of Vanity Fair. There are lot of interesting points from Luna. Probably the most impactful is his statement that:

I think of all the Star Wars films released so far, Rogue One is the most real one, which is about the people. The characters are very similar to us. They are heroes with no powers. What they have is a conviction and desire to change reality.

Also important is that Luna says that the film is told through the eyes of Jyn Erso, which many had suspected. Head over to SWNN for the full details. We keep hearing this is a war film and it certainly seems that was the goal and they accomplished it. I like the tact it appears Lucasfilm is taking, make certain types of films and set them in the Star Wars universe.



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