Weekly Star Wars Recap #75, January 30th 2017

After the Title release last week, predictably there is less to report this week. Regardless here is what we have. Spoilers ahead.

Han Solo movie starts shooting today!

Sweet! I love the name Red Cup. He hinted at this last year with a picture of a Red Solo Cup on twitter and it fits. Excited that this is filming already! Also, dig the “Han shot first” reference in the tweet.

EmpireOnline has an interview with Rian Johnson

You can read it here. Pretty basic interview with no real revelations. But the hype train is starting. Get ready folks we will be getting footage soon… I can feel it.  Minor points of note are the fact that they deliberately didn’t insert modern idioms into the dialogue, which would “break the Star Wars spell”. I can see that. Also, Rian mentions some other movies that are part of the inspiration, but these have been mentioned before.

Two new books about Rogue One characters

One about Chirrut and Baze and one about Jyn. I’m honestly interested in the Baze and Chirrut story as it seems like it will build some of the lore of the Guardians.  Too bad its a kids book. The Baze and Chirrut book takes place after the Empire took over Jedha, but we’re hoping that we’ll get some clues as to who or what the “Whills” are in the new canon.


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