Weekly Star Wars Recap #77: February 13th 2017

Hello everyone out there in Star Wars land. We’re back for another edition of the Weekly Star Wars recap. Let’s get straight into the news.

Happy 85th Birthday, John Williams!

John William’s has begun writing the score for The Last Jedi

That’s right, John Williams has begun conducting the score for The Last Jedi, and not only that, Rian Johnson wants to use it for editing. That means the director will be able to make fine-tuned changes to the movie to enhance both the soundtrack and the movie itself.

Leaks for Empire’s End available online


A couple of Redditors have started a thread that contains many spoilers of the new novel Empire’s End, which is part of the Aftermath series. Head over to the page here for details.

New cast members for the Han Solo stand-alone film.

There are two new announcements. Westworld actress Thandie Newton will be playing an unknown character. Given her performance as a robot in Westworld, you have to wonder if she will continue that line of roles. Also, Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge is rumored to play a CGI character, a droid. Many have pointed out that this will be the first major female droid in a Star Wars film. Not the first, of course, but it could be the most prominent to date. These actress will join Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, and of course Alden Ehrenreich.

New updates for Rey and Kylo databank entries?


Heads up to Redittor itsapraxis for this finding. We may follow up on this story with an article really soon, but there appears to have been a few updates to Kylo Ren and Rey’s Star Wars databank entries. The updates speak of a “deep mysterious connection between Rey and Kylo”. What could this mean? It certainly suggests that this was added so that it can be brought up in The Last Jedi. I always thought there was something, largely because of the poster for The Force Awakens had their weapons perfectly parallel. Many have speculated that these two are cousins, others have speculated that they could be reincarnations of something more deeply connected. Time will tell how this plays out.

Debunking the Trailer date rumor

We reported last week about a potentially valid prediction about a countdown timer being related to The Last Jedi‘s trailer. Turns out it isn’t. A very resourceful redditor did the sleuthing on this one.

Early cut of The Last Jedi out there…

That right folks. We’re now 10 months away from The Last Jedi, and there is already a rough-cut of the film. Bob Iger recently announced (via someone else’s tweet) that he has seen the film! Oh man, what a lucky man. Really lucky, but at the same time he has to know he’s seen it and not tell anyone, other than maybe a few other Disney execs. With the news of John Williams only just now conducting a score, we can bet that this is a very rough cut.

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