Captain Solo: The latest revelations about the Han Solo film

Hello, Star Wars fans out there in the interwebs. We just got a slew of new reports regarding the Han Solo film. We’d like to take a moment and digest it. Here goes.

The title might be “Captain Solo”

This first point comes from a tweet about rumors sent to @StarWarsNewsNet. I don’t know if they posted this on their site though. The tweet says the following:

Captain Solo? It seems reasonably appropriate. It also sounds more interesting than just “Han Solo”. It raises the question of whether we’ll have a subtitle, like “Captain Solo and the Millennium Falcon” or “Captain Solo and the Corellian Spike” or something like that. Short and sweet is sounding better right now. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that this is just a rumor at this point. It reminds me of the famous line from ESB: “Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.”

Woody Harrelson’s character is named “Beckett”

Woody Harrelson revealed some details about his character in the Han Solo film. He told Jimmy Fallon:

I play a guy named “Beckett”, whose kind of a criminal and a mentor to Han…

Many fans who “collect” will know of the “Beckett Star Wars Collectible Price Guide”. Could the name of Woody’s character be a funny reference to this? For example, what if the character Beckett is a “collector” of priceless items from around the galaxy?

Either way, this statement from Harrelson debunks a previous rumor that he was playing Garris Shrike, which we covered a while back. This, by the way, reminds us not to take things that Woody Harrelson says too seriously. Then again, he could be playing the same character under a new name to prevent bringing in any baggage from the EU. In fact, from the sounds of it with Beckett being a mentor, this could be exactly the case.

We’ll learn how Han got his name

This one comes from some statements from Bob Iger, CEO of Disney. No doubt that Mr Iger knows what he’s talking about. He states that we’ll learn “how Han got his name”. Well, this certainly suggests that Han Solo is either a pseudonym, or Han was an orphan. We covered a couple weeks ago about how Han was going to be an orphan in Revenge of the Sith, and be living on Kashyyyk. We might see a scene where perhaps Becket gives him a name? There was a very interesting tweet today from Brian Douglas Free (@halfmoth) about the name. The quote comes from the Return of the Jedi Storybook Based on the Movie:

Shout out to Jared Jones for pointing this one out. Although it isn’t clear if we can consider this canon at this point, but I’m guessing not. Nevertheless, it provides a plausible scenario of where the name could come from. For example, if we start off the film and Han is flying alone, before he meets Chewie (see below), then he could get his name then. Alternatively, Han might begin at some point working with Beckett, his mentor, and the two have a falling out. Beckett might call him “Captain Solo” as a disparaging remark about Han going off on his own. Then again, it could just be that “gets his name” could mean makes a name for himself.

The film will span 6 years

We also learn from Bob Iger (via and that the film will present Han from the ages of 18 to 24, a total of 6 years. This is a little bit unexpected but to tell the story they are aiming to tell, getting the falcon, saving Chewie, having issues with his mentor… its not going to happen over the course of a month. Outside of the flashback beginning of Rogue One, this movie will cover more time than any previous Star Wars film.

We’ll see Han meet Chewie and win the Falcon

Another tidbit from Bob Iger suggest that we’ll see Han

“acquiring a certain vehicle and meeting a certain Wookiee,”

This one certainly is interesting. As SWNN points out, and as we’ve pointed out before, in Legends Han was an Imperial cadet that saved Chewie from slavery to the Empire. We also pointed out a couple weeks ago about George Lucas writing a story about Han growing up on Kashyyyk as an orphan. Which story will the end up presenting? My gut says you can forget the Imperial cadet and lean towards ruffian with a heart of gold that saves Chewie. The life-debt part is pretty much canon already, so expect Han to save Chewie in some capacity.

A few set pictures have leaked

This last one comes from Making Star Wars. Hard to tell what is going on in there, but this pic certainly reveals a moisture vaporator:

Making Star Wars

Some of the other pics suggest an AT-AT foot, and parts to a laser gun/tank/ship weaponry. Head over to MSW to see more of the pics and judge for yourself. Another moisture vaporator… do Star Wars planets have an issue with clean water?

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