Weekly Star Wars Recap #84: April 3rd 2017

Wow its looking more and more like the flood gates are starting to open when it comes to The Last Jedi News. I can’t imagine how good its going to get after Celebration! Anyway spoilers ahead yada yada yada!

New merchandise has surfaced.

A few t-shirts and pins have been posted to the Force For Change website. The new shot of Rey is above, showing her in true Jedi form. YakFace posted a similar screencap to Instagram. The shots of Finn and Poe look like what we’ve seen before, but the shot of Rey is new.

Footage for The Last Jedi seen in CinemaCon.

There is a rumor spreading that a lot of people have seen some footage, or possibly a teaser for TLJ at CinemaCon. Some people posted some audio from the audience’s reaction. Unfortunately, we don’t have any footage of this, otherwise we’d share it with you. As usual, all signs point to this footage being shown at Celebration, with a subsequent global release on youtube and similar channels. Stay tuned for more details on this!

New details on “the tree” from MakingStarWars

We’ve got a new bit of info from Jason Ward at MSW about the mysterious tree on Ahch-To seen above. The tree has the Millennium Falcon parked out front, so we expect that our heroes will be there to visit it or something nearby. According to the new post, MSW has basically leaked some info about the tree burning and engulfed in flames. We venture to speculate that this could have something to do with the attack from Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren.

Character Sketches from MakingStarWars

MakingStarWars resident artist Lumberjack Nick made few sketches of the updated costumes for Kylo Ren, Phsma and a new group of “Executioner” Storm Troopers. I really like the weapon and additional touches of black on the traditional Storm Trooper design. Kylo Ren seems to be holding his usual lightsaber, so not sure if he’ll be using that throughout the movie. Notably, there is nothing strange about Kylo’s nose, that’s just how Lumberjack Nick draws noses. However, the scar given by Rey will be there and probably some dialogue regarding that, if I had to guess.

Justin Theroux Joins The Last Jedi

MakingStarWars is reporting that Theroux will be an “expert slicer”, the Star Wars equivalent of a computer hacker, that will play an important but small role in the film. It sounds like he will be on the casino planet that MakingStarWars has previously mentioned.

Hayden Christensen will be at Celebration

He will be on the 40th Aniversery panel with Mark Hamill… I’m guessing there be a Dad and Son exchange, the question is will we also get confirmation that Anakin returns to big Screen in The Last Jedi? I hope so. It does make sense considering Anakin reverted back to his younger form at the end of RotJ. So if we see Anakin’s Force-ghost, we expect him to look like Hayden. Here’s hoping that Force ghosts will play a big role in the rest of the sequel trilogy.

Finally StarWarsNewsNet has heard about the Future of Star Wars

There aren’t a ton of details here but it does give you a good idea of where Lucasfilm is planning to go. It sounds like there are aware of the idea of saturation and will be watching out for it. Also instead of a Boba Fett centric movie they will have more of a Bounty Hunter movie. One stipulation is they better bring back Daniel Logan. I’d be disappointed if they gave the role to someone else when Daniel has done so much for fans and loves the character. The question might come down to whether Logan has the acting chops to support a major film with him as one of the main characters. I’d also love to see Cad Bane and Aurra Sing show up, along with Dengar and IG-88 etc…with a “who’s who” of bounty hunters present. Could be amazing.

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