“Loth-rat, Loth-cat, Loth-wolf, run. Pick a path and all is done.”

In the season 2 episode entitled “Shroud of Darkness”, Ezra chooses his path by reciting the following Lothal rhyme:

Loth-rat, Loth-cat, Loth-wolf, run. Pick a path and all is done.

Is there any bigger meaning to this saying, or is it just a funny rhyme? And what exactly is a Loth-wolf, and how does it play into Season 4? Read on for more.

A couple of months ago, we got a trailer for Rebels Season 4, and got a glimpse of a what is quite possibly a Loth-wolf.

Rebels Season 4 Trailer

The reason is because of the distinct pointy rock structures in the background that are unmistakably Lothal. I guess they could have another planet with these structures, but that seems unlikely. These distinct structures go way back to concept art for the original trilogy. Dave Filoni selected that early Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the planet in this story, so given something that meaningful, they wouldn’t want to reuse it.

Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the original Star Wars film.

One thing we can now say about Loth-wolves, is that Ahsoka is not one. Many fans and news sites speculated that Ahsoka would or had transformed into a wolf. In a recent tweet from Dave Filoni, we pretty much get a confirmation that she did not become a wolf.

Wolves have also been seen in the Jedi Temple on Lothal. For example, in this concept art for Shroud of Darkness — the same episode in which Ezra recites the rhyme — temple/cave paintings depicted someone riding a wolf:

Certainly, these drawings bear resemblance to the feature image at the top of this page with Kanan touching the wolf’s nose. The fact that this concept art goes way back to Season 2 shows that they might have had a plan with these Loth-wolves all along.

One thing is clear: These Loth-wolves are animals that a person rides. To where exactly? Could this have anything to do with the path mentioned in the rhyme? If these paintings are old “cave paintings” in the Jedi Temple, then they seem like they are part of some ancient mystical thing in Jedi lore. I think it would be cool of these Loth-wolves transport you to a location that only they can enter — like some sort of intense running, climbing and jumping that only these creatures can do. That’s just my speculation though. Why else would they be depicted as a ridable animal in a place as mystical as an ancient Jedi Temple?

Star Wars Card Trader

The Filoni artwork above depicts Ahsoka surrounded by wolves. This is the end of the series of drawings of Ahsoka, suggesting it is associated with the end of Ahsoka’s journey. Could it be that the wolf will lead Kanan and Ezra to Ahsoka? But what form will she be? With the wolf not being Ahsoka and we know that she will still show up in season 4 in some way, the question becomes how?

In my mind there are a few options. The first possibility would be either a Force-vision or perhaps​a holo left behind. However, given Filoni’s “changing” T-shirt at Celebration, it would seem that there might be something else planned.


Another option would be the “owl” in the drawing above that Filoni tweeted with the wolf and Ahsoka. We have had animals be avatars for Force-users before with the son father and daughter of the Mortis arc. The fact that the owl is left out of the comment in the drawing could be an Easter egg. This one seems doubtful to be honest. While we do get into some mystical stuff and lore in Rebels it’s not at the level of in-depth knowledge and example that an Ahsoka “owl” avatar would require, but who knows? She wouldn’t be the first character in Star Wars to transform into a flying animal.

I actually think she might return only slightly transformed. Perhaps her montrals have turned gray or something. Imagine if she looks different enough to totally different as a character, and she’s gained a lot of wisdom and Force-powers. Only time will tell with this one, however, and I suspect it will be a well-kept secret. But the speculation and the anticipation is half the fun!

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