Weekly Star Wars Recap #101: August 7th 2017

Last week was lucky number 100 and I just realized we are coming up on two years of the weekly recap, can’t believe it. Anyway here’s the news we got this week! Spoilers ahead

More Toy leaks

First up are two Elite Series Figures posted on reddit by argenbricks.

The Storm Troop has the name Judicial which sounds ominous and of course once again the Praetorian Guards… seems like they will be important.

Then we have a Canto Blight Speeder image that gives us background on the planet and city that was posted by Toa_Quarax

Anyone attempting to escape the law on Cantonica had best move fast, as the police force of Canto Bight has at its disposal these swift, lightweight pursuit craft.- Box Description

Very cool design and is just more confirmation that there will be a police chase.


Poster leaks

MSW has this article with two posters they saw. There seems to be a dark tone to teh posters and Luke seems… darker? I don’t think Luke will be evil or that there is such a thing as a grey jedi but he is troubled.

Clint Howard joins Han Solo

If there is now a character for Clint then I’m guessing they are reshooting most of this movie. I think we suspected this but to me this is as much a confirmation as we will get.

Episode IX gets a New Writer

According to THR Jack Thorne has been hired to rewrite Episode IX. We don’t know if its a complete overhaul or if he’s just there to punch up the bones of the film so nit much to say but based on Colin and his co-writer’s Derek Connolly track record with scripts I’m feeling a little better. Good director not a great script writer.

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