Luke Skywalker’s green saber and Ben Solo’s turn to the dark side.

What follows is a lot of speculation based on several rumors and leaks. There could be some potential spoilers here, so beware!

Making Star Wars released some details a while back about Luke’s necklace having a red kyber crystal. Jason went on to connect this to another rumor about Luke holding a piece of Vader’s saber, and speculated that the necklace could be holding the crystal fragment. This theory may have gained some more traction with the leak of the Funko Pop! figure for Luke Skywalker. The image demonstrates pretty clearly that there is something red on his necklace, consistent with the other details.

We’ve talked about how kyber crystals are sort of like “living things” connected with the Force. They choose the Jedi rather than the other way around. The guys from The Cantina Cast have made the comparison with the wands from Harry Potter, and I’ve noticed this myself. I think it’s kind of cool and adds a little more mysticism to Star Wars, and I’ve always liked that aspect of the series.

Marvel Comics, Bleeding Cool

According to the new canon, kyber crystals bleed when they are used against their will. Vader was told this by Sidious in a recent issue of the Darth Vader comic. The crystal bleeds red when it is in pain, and the rage of the one possessing it also feeds this crimson red color in the crystal.

Some people have speculated that the crystal around Luke’s neck is a fragment of Kylo Ren’s light saber. Meanwhile, many others have speculated that Luke’s necklace is Vader’s crystal or a part of it. Meanwhile, others have wondered if Kylo’s saber was built from the remains of Vader’s saber. It certainly makes you wonder if all three theories are correct at the same time.

TFA Visual Dictionary, Quora

For example, it is speculated that Kylo was the one that recruited Bazine in The Perfect Weapon to obtain Vader’s helmet, which we know he eventually gets. It’s also long been rumored that Kylo Ren is in search for artifacts related to his grandfather Darth Vader such as the helmet, and its definitely possible that a younger Ben Solo got ahold of this crystal. It makes me wonder if this crystal could have been a source of a conflict involving Luke, leading to the crystal to be cracked. Luke keeps the shard close to prevent Kylo Ren from “completing” Vader’s crystal. It might work on screen that this missing fragment returns to Kylo’s saber, and stops sparking erratically and starts to look like a normal lightsaber.

What if a younger padawan Ben Solo went exploring around Endor, knowing that this was the resting place of his grandfather. He went swimming under water to recover artifacts from the sunken remains of the Death Star II. There was some concept art for this for The Force Awakens, except it was Rey going under water to explore it:

The Art of The Force Awakens

So the scenario isn’t totally off the wall. However it also does sound pretty unlikely as it seems that the saber fell down the same shaft that the Emperor went down, and the Death Star blew up pretty bad.

But here’s another idea. What if the kyber crystal fragment is not from Vader’s saber, but from Luke’s green lightsaber. That would explain why Luke has not been seen with his saber, and may not actually use a saber in TLJ. It would also explain why he clings to a fragment of it. And why is it red you ask? That’s because Kylo Ren has taken it from Luke and is using it in his saber. The same saber he used in The Force Awakens. It would be a cool twist to find out that Luke’s lightsaber crystal was right under our noses.

Let’s speculate further that Luke finds out that Ben is using the crystal from his green saber, and wants it back. In a conflict, Luke attempts to remove the saber, angering Kylo. Kylo fights back. The crystal gets knocked away and cracks releasing a fragment. Luke manages to pick up the fragment, and Kylo takes the rest running off into the night. It is this conflict that sets the ball rolling for Kylo’s turn to the dark side. Luke’s broken green kyber crystal is in pain, and bleeds red.

The crystal would then be symbolic and represent the fracture in the relationship between Kylo and his uncle Luke. At this point, this is all just playful speculation and this is one of many scenarios that could be revealed. It’s always fun to speculate while we wait for the big day December 15th! Until next time.

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