Weekly Star Wars Recapt #103: August 21, 2017

Lord if The Last Jedi is going to blow our socks off blot out the sun today. Now that we have it out of the way, all the news you need to know.

New spin-off rumors run rampant

Amazingly, we got rumors of not one, not two, but three Star Wars spin-off films. The Hollywood Reporter ran a piece purporting the Obi Wan film, and also ScreenRant reports Boba Fett an Yoda films. As if that wasn’t enough, Variety mentions a possible Jabba The Hutt film, but we’re not sure if that is part of the Boba Fett film or its own film. I think its pretty clear there can be no Obi-wan film without Ewan and I really hope they bring back Daniel Logan as Fett.

Toys reveal The Last Jedi details

Some leaked toy photos may have revealed some dialogue from the film. For example, Snoke’s throne room, and this line from Kylo Ren. Keep in mind that occurring in a toy does not say anything for certain about what will be in the film. Recall stuff from the Rogue One trailer didn’t even make it in the film.

Also, there was an image of Snoke’s shoes that made the scene. To me, these feet further confirm that he is human and may not be a celestial, given that they often have forked feet. Perhaps more significantly, another toy leak confirms that Snoke has a ring that may have a black kyber crystal on it. Fans paying attention will know that Making Star Wars leaked this point a while back.

There was another post that reveals how the porgs may sound on film.

Ron Howard teases Han Solo film

Ron Howard tweeted Chewbacca photo:

Also, there was this cool little video showing a set full of space junk:

And lastly an image of possibly the same region had a grill made from an R2 unit. These little details are what make Star Wars great:

Things are a little rough all over the Galaxy

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