Weekly Star Wars Recap #108: Sept 25th, 2017

Hello, everyone out there is Star Wars world. We’re back for another week and another round of Star Wars news! Buckle up, Spoilers ahead!

New Star Wars animated project to be announced next year!

This one comes from Rebel Transmission. We’re hoping for an animated series set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. This would be an amazing time to develop the story of Luke, Ben Solo, and maybe even Rey if her backstory fits in. Snoke’s backstory would be great content to explore as well. That said, the new project could be anything. If I were to dream a little, I would hope that they’ve already started concept development, and will show up to SWC with some footage, and announce that season 1 will be before Episode IX. Better still, some details in the animated series are relevant for tying together loose ends before IX.

New Forces of Destiny Trailer!

As if we didn’t have enough going on in Star Wars animation, we also have a new trailer for Forces of Destiny! We’re digging these short videos, and they provide a welcome excursion into the GFFA!

EDIT: The video got taken down 🙁

Emilia Clarke wraps filming of Han Solo

Not exactly major news, but Emilia Clarke, who is rumored to play “Kura”, has finished filming. This reminds me that we haven’t really seen an official photo of Alden Ehrenreich in costume for Han Solo! Just a leaked face shot that wasn’t very good. We’re looking forward for a tweet from Howard with Alden in costume!

Warwick Davis’ character for Han Solo

Making Star Wars comes with a leaked detail about Warwick Davis’ character. Warwick has been in every Star Wars film since ROTJ, and this one is no different. According to the article, he will be playing a heavily armored power droid. Check it out! Wicket is now a murder bot and I love it… more murder droids please.

Rian Johnson says The Last Jedi is a wrap!

So technically they could release it early… 😉

Leaked set photos for Han Solo

Head over to La Fosa Del Rancor for some leaked pics. Might be a town on Kessel given the Clone Wars representation of it:

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