Trailer talk: About that last scene

You know the one. Rey speaking, the darkness surrounding her light shining on her face, Kylo in the dark with his stretched out. Internet sleuths quickly deduced that this was a misdirection and the two scenes were shot at different places and take place at different times in the film. They were right about the scenes are different shots but is it really misdirection? Lets explore these scenes, as always potential spoilers ahead.

 I need someone to show me my place in all of this.- Rey The Last Jedi

The first thing  I’m going to do is break down when in the movie Rey says this line and who she is speaking to and this image tells us everything.

Rey The Last Jedi trailer -Lucasfilm

I lightened this to really bring the background out and make things easier to see. The first thing we can tell is that Rey is being lit by a setting sun (OK it could be a rising sun but go with me) and she is wearing the same outfit she wore when we last saw her. We know the movie picks up right where it left off so this isn’t a surprise. It also tells us that this is likely from the same day. Based on the end of The Force Awakens it takes Rey a while to get to where Luke is on the island. After he rejects her, which based on all reports he does, she then walks back down to where Chewie and R2 are. We think Rey is speaking to Chewie when she utters this line. She’s looking up, more than she would if it was Luke, and the area behind her looks like the landing area that they chose for the Falcon. As an added sign we can look at the toys below. Rey changes outfits once she begins to train.

So with that figured out we can conclusively say that Kylo is not trying to get Rey to go with him. Except we can’t and I think that is exactly who he is holding his hand out to. The problem with the Kylo hand out scene is placing it in the movie and its location.

Kylo Ren The Last Jedi- Lucasfilm

Once again I have lightened the image to get an idea of what is going on. It doesn’t help. This scene could take place in one of two places. On Crait when Kylo and the flame troopers invade the Resistance Base or on Ahch-To where there is a rumored fight featuring Rey vs Kylo and Luke vs KoR.

Leia and Kylo – TLJ BTS

If this scene takes place on Crait then suspect it won’t be Rey he’s reaching his hand out to, it will be Leia and a offer to save her. This would be a legitimate offer as he wants to protect her and knows that killing his father didn’t provide him with the power that Snoke claimed it would. Look at his face in that image there isn’t anger, there is a bit of fear, caution and perhaps hope. If this takes place on Crait then this is where Kylo’s doubts in the darkside are shown.

Vader Empire Strikes Back -Lucasfilm

HOWEVER, if its not Crait then we have something else going on. My gut says this is on Ahch-to and he is trying to get Rey to come with him. He was sent to destroy Luke and bring Rey back to Snoke, this is him offering her a choice perhaps even mirroring Vader with an offer to overthrow Snoke and train her himself.  The look on his face is offering to explain what and who she really is, offering a sense of belonging that Luke has so far not. I suspect Rey says no but I could be wrong. She is tortured by Snoke and I suspect that is in person so she may go with Kylo. But don’t worry she escapes because we saw her in the BTS footage with Leia.

Rey and Leia- TLJ BTS

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