The Dark Crystal and Snoke’s Limitless Resources

Snoke is a powerful dark side Force-user. He’s not a Sith, and he’s not a Jedi. How exactly does he get his power? Let’s explore a recent quote from Andy Serkis and explore a path of connections to the Jim Henson movie, The Dark Crystal. Spoilers and speculation below

Star Wars fans no doubt know the movie Dark Crystal form Jim Henson. Although the idea of this movie came to Henson in 1975, it came out in 1982 and I expect that Lucas’ film inspired Henson to take re-imagine what could be done on film.

OK, so this probably doesn’t mean much to everyone, but while getting my picture taken with Rian Johnson at Celebration, Rian Johson took notice of my Dark Crystal button on my lanyard. It was kind of random that I even had it. In fact, he said to me “Dark Crystal, I love that movie”.

I wish I had asked him more about that, but I was so star-struck, that all I could say was “yeah”. Nevertheless, I can’t help but look back at that event and wonder–in light of some recent details about Snoke–that the Dark Crystal had some small amount of influence on The Last Jedi concepts.

In a recent People Magazine interview, covered here by SWNN, Andy Serkis answers the question “Is Snoke more powerful than Darth Vader and the Emperor?”, and his response was:

“Oh, without question. He has limitless resources, let’s put it that way.”

I can’t help but focus on that last part. “Let’s put it that way” certainly implies that there is more to it, and he is carefully articulating his answer. Who or what are Snoke’s limitless resources? And how is that related to being more powerful than Darth Vader or or the Emperor? How could “resources” relate to the implied Force-powers?

Let’s explore two theories.

Kyber Crystals

One idea that comes to me is that Snoke is different from other Force-users in that he derives his powers from kyber crystals. The crystals have been expanded upon in recent Star Wars movies and TV, further entering them into the awareness of Star Wars fans, both casual and superfans. They are connected to the Force, so could it be that Snoke gets powers from the cystals?

I can’t help but think of the movie The Dark Crystal in the context of kyber crystals and Snoke’s power. In this movie, the Skeksis are a malevolent group of “crocodile wizards” on the planet Thra. The continually replenish themselves with the dark crystal, a huge crystal that sends energy through purple beams of light.

A recent leak of the TLJ Visual Dictionary (recently taken down due to copyright claim) shows a little more detail about Snoke’s ring. It is an obsidian crystal taken from the catacombs of Darth Vader’s castle. The book doesn’t clarify if this is “ordinary” obsidian, or if it is some sort of Force-infused kyber obsidian. We’ll have to wait another week (or more) to know for sure. Is this an indication of Snokes opulence, or more?

As we can see from the trailers, it is pretty clear that Crait is loaded with crystals. We again, don’t know if they are kyber, but given the First Order’s interesting in kyber-powered super-weapons, I would suspect that they are. We see Chewie and his Porg buddy flying through the planet, and busting out to reveal that it is Crait. In the image above, we see Kylo and his Snow troopers entering what looks like a cave. This could be on Crait, but it could also be on a yet-unknown planet represented by Iceland, which was recently revealed to be a location for The Last Jedi. Either way, I believe that Kylo is scouting for either kyber crystals to fuel the First Order’s next weapon, or something else…Could it be that Snoke’s interest in these crystals is for his own power? Could he replenish his own Force-powers, much like the Skeksis, by mining the limitless amounts of Kyber Crystals throughout the galaxy?

Other Force-users

The only thing about the kyber crystal idea is that doesn’t sit well is, doesn’t the connection to the Force come from midi-chlorians?

The other piece from The Dark Crystal that comes to mind is the scene where where the lead Skeksis drained the life-energy, or “essence” from another being called a podling (seen above). Poor little guy. Could it be that Snoke draws his energy by draining his victims, maybe even taking their midichlorians? I suspect that Force-users would be particularly valuable. No doubt, many others have had this theory. It has been pointed out that Han’s line to Kylo

He’s just using you for your power. He’ll crush you.

Might have new meaning with this theory. It’s very interesting indeed. This might give this scene with Rey some more meaning. Could Snoke be draining power from Rey?

Either way, there is something unique about Snoke’s power, I would suspect. He has lived for a very long time, but it isn’t clear just how long. Something unique is keeping him alive, and giving him more power than the most powerful Force-users we have ever seen on screen. I can’t wait until Dec 14th to find out! See you there.

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