Weekly Recap #121: December 28th, 2017

Seasons Greetings, Star Wars fans! This recap is here, but a little late due to the usual holiday madness. This is our last weekly recap of 2017. It’s been an exciting year for Star Wars fans, but maybe a little bit divisive. We’re still here to celebrate Star Wars and and all the theories, rumors and leaks. Let’s discuss the latest details.

Tons of new Solo: A Star Wars Story details.

There are a ton of new details about Solo, but a lot of them are unconfirmed. First is there is a rumor that the an acting coach was hired for Alden Ehrenreich, information that was released by Hollywood Reporter. We don’t know much beyond that other than it was requested by Kathy Kennedy while the directors were still Lord and Miller, and it was apparently a decision made pretty late in production. It makes me wonder if this was after she had in mind to replace the director and do reshoots, hence the late decision wasn’t so late after all. Meanwhile, there is an article from Slashfilm suggesting that Ron Howard reshot more of the film than was originally intended. You can look at this two ways. Either this portends something bad, or it means the cast and crew are taking extra steps to ensure this is a great film.

Keep an eye out for a new piece on Solo: A Star Wars Story in Empire magazine coming soon.

New Solo images leaked?

Lots of potentially interesting Solo stuff this week. A Russian company has a calendar seen here, with a potentially valid image of Solo and company in costume. A similar image appeared on 4chan. However, Lucasfilm has confirmed to Peter Sciretta from Slashfilm that this “wasn’t created by Disney and Lucasfilm”. However, the image might still be in part a legit image or based on legit images because it does appear to be the same costume as this leaked image from TMZ:

So it isn’t clear if this is fake and well-made, or in part based on legit content.

While we’re discussing Solo images, there was another minor image that surfaced on Entertainment Weekly. Clearly looks like a gambling/card playing scene for sure, so we can guess this is related to Sabacc or how Han won the Falcon.

Latest on The Last Jedi box office results.

The Last Jedi is cruising at $777 million US in the box office. While some are saying the dip in the second week is bad, let’s remind ourselves that the Christmas holiday pretty much took over the weekend. It’s now poised to be the highest grossing film of 2017, and that’s from only being in 2017 for 2 weeks! I’d say it’s doing fine, and the claims of bad box office mojo are greatly overstated.

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