Weekly Recap #18: December 14th 2015

This week every question is answered….about The Force Awakens, then comes a ton of questions on Rogue one and Episode 8. But for now lets get you up to date on the latest rumor, leaks and news. Some people in the press will get to see it today, other people will have to wait until Wednesday at 7pm. Can you believe it’s almost here? Given how close we are, we have lots of major SPOILERS, so be warned. Let’s get into it…


1. People magazine has new details on Snoke found via MSW: He’s described as:

This character is much better executed as a CGI character. That’s just a practical reality when he’s 7-foot-something tall; he’s very, very thin.

They built costumes for Serkis to wear on set.

“[Snoke] is strangely vulnerable at the same time as being quite powerful,”


davestrrr: Very interesting. That’s two “very”s up there before thin. This guy is going to be shockingly thin. Like he might break if he falls over. This might be the “vulnerability” that Serkis was talking about?

mazlow01: This so cool to me, honestly I think he is the most anticipated character now. Disney and Lucasfilm were smart to hide him.


2. Snokegate! The internet has been buzzing back and forth about Snoke.

2.1 Collider claims a piece of fan art of Plaguies is Snoke. To be fair, they sent this picture to their “sources” and they said that was the look.


davestrrr:  This is clearly fan art of Plagueis, and the guys at collider agree with this. So at this point, are we done? Nope. They think this is actually how Snoke looks. Then we didn’t need this magazine to ask them. Why could they just ask their sources if Snoke looks like all the Plagueis fan art? I don’t buy the whole Disney asked them to take it down. It was up for days after. This just smells like some attempt to get more views and more publicity.

mazlow01:  Yeah no. They say they have sources that say Snoke looks similar to this and then claimed Disney told them to remove it. 5 days later it was still there, though now gone… clicks baby clicks. Also one of them has been on Plaguies=Snoke train from day one and the other has slowly joined. They were also claiming to have confirmed Rey’s staff was Plaguies’. I don’t buy it at all.


2.2 The next day a user on NeoGaf gave us this image  of Snoke from “The Art of The Force Awakens”

davestrrr: This is the first “real” image that feels real. I don’t know if this is the final design, but this is the first thing we’ve seen that looks like actual concept art. These two versions look different, one younger with more recent injuries, and other older and more wrinkly, with older wounds. We did have the quote from Serkis earlier that they kept working on the design up until post-production.

mazlow01: Now this I believe will be close to the final design. Not exactly it, but close. Also both the collider boys said this was bogus and or fake.. the same user also released the next pics so he track record is already better than theirs.


2.3 The Collider guys came back and said that this NeoGaf image wasn’t real. It isn’t Snoke, they claim. We have this response from John Campea saying that the NeoGaf pic was “bogus”:


and then Kristian Harloff said that this image just “isn’t Snoke”.

davestrrr: I don’t know how John Campea can say that he has “never been firm”. He has frequently said that he is 100% of the view that Snoke = Plagueis, and we have reported on this before. In a recent interview with Justin Bolger, he has said “very firmly”, and other times he has said “100%”. Isn’t this “firm”? As a matter of fact, and this is kind of hilarious, in the Justin Bolger interview, John Campea says, and I quote (at 9:28“I do believe, very firmly, that Snoke is Plagueis. I believe that whole-heartedly”. And now he says he has never been firm? Is this guy for real? Does he have no memory of what he says from one show to the next?

mazlow01: Once these guys are proven completely wrong will they hang there heads and go away? I doubt it. Instead they pretend they said they hoped it was Snoke but were never positive. This is a pathetic use of controversy to get hits up on their show.


3. Next we have a huge dump of images from the Visual Dictionary leaked, along with this image of the Kanjuklub Gang (hat tip to ugnaught) and this of Kylo Ren (hat tip to Dat_Miracle) Along with the following revelations (SPOILERS!)

  • Han was leading a “normal” life married to Leia. Until some sort of tragedy struck.
  • Lor San Tekka is a member of the underground “Church of the Force” which operated during the reign of the Emperor. Loosely associated with Jedi.
  • Confirmation that Maz is force sensitive. But was never a Jedi.
  • Maz has been holding on to a relic from the past that may someday make a difference. Aka the lightsaber.
  • Confirmation of old leak that after Return of the Jedi the Empire fled to the “unknown regions” to regroup and explore. General Hux’s father was one of those people.
  • “Kylo Ren betrayed the other Jedi Students studying with Master Luke Skywalker, and is responsible for their destruction.”
  • Through his veins course the bloodlines of the most powerful Jedi and the Sith.
  • Kylo is also called a Jedi Killer

davestrrr: Tremendous news here. The thing about Lor San Tekka being part of the “Church of the Force” is very interesting. Gives some point of reference to our earlier article on him. Could this connection provide him with knowledge of where Luke is? Great list of news here.

mazlow01: We had a good idea of the Gang based on the Lego set released that had them and this just rocks I really like the look and can’t wait to the actors (from The Raid) show off. The rest of this info! Han being a “family man” come on people he was married and after the loss of his kid he and leia didn’t survive like we suggested. And finally Kylo Ren confirms he kills Luke’s students, and he’s related to Luke. AWESOME!


4. John and Daisy training for The Force Awakens

davestrrr: Great shots there. Some good acrobatics too. Will there be other fights that are not trained here? Time will tell, but it looks like they are doing some good work. Interestingly, JJ has also stated that they are going back to an old school version of lightsaber fighting and that it won’t be as intense as the PT, more like the OT. More dialogue and emotional conflict than choreography.

mazlow01: Very cool. They are going to be freaking great, honestly this might hype me more than any of the trailers. Is that weird?


5. We have a great piece from 60 minutes last night on the music of TFA, along with the score of the opening scene!

davestrrr: Very exciting. John Williams is so freaking brilliant. The man is 83 years old and still has the mind of a young man. Pure genius. I can’t say enough about this great man, and all I can say is I hope he stays with us for another 10 years plus.

mazlow01: I only hope JW is around for the rest of this trilogy. This sounds closer to the PT than OT to me also.. part of his evolving style.


6. There is a compiled gif of the Kylo/Finn lightsaber battle, along with a new spin move from Kylo! Props to temtam for the post.

davestrrr: Sweet moves! I know the fights will be more old school, but skill like Kylo’s spin move is much appreciated and looks fantastic.

mazlow01: Dude Kylo is a badass! I can’t wait for Rey vs Kylo.


7. There were so many “5 days” TV spots. Here is a link to a compilation of them all!

davestrrr: Nothing terribly new here, and we’re already at 3 days (or 4 depending on when you are counting to), so this is a bit old at the rate news is coming. Have you felt it?

mazlow01: MOAR!