Unlearn what you have learned for The Force Awakens


That magic moment. That moment just before the opening crawl hits for the first time with a blast of the trumpets and John Williams classic score. You can feel in the excitement in the air at that moment when everything goes silent. The anticipation is palpable.

So like many of you out there, I have been neck deep in spoilers and reading about The Force Awakens. Like many of you, I have a decent idea of what is going to happen. However…

I know that if I build too much in my mind of what I expect to happen, even if it is an educated guess, I might be disappointed if something turns out different. If I go in, and clear my mind as much as possible, there is a pretty good chance I won’t be disappointed because I’ll have no expectations.

The reviews so far are overwhelmingly positive, so I think it is unlikely that there could be anything terrible. However, if there is a particular scene, or a particular character that I’m expecting look a certain way, or some particular thing, then I might be let down if it doesn’t happen.

Therefore, I just want to say if you haven’t seen it already, before going into the theater on Thursday or Friday or whenever you go to see it, clear your mind. Clear your mind of questions. Unlearn what you have learned. Go in with an open mind and whatever happens happens. Just go with the flow, and I’m sure everything will be OK if you give it a chance.

The Force Awakens is calling you…just let it in!

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