Weekly Recap #35: April 18th 2016

Coming from last week where we had a new trailer and just coming off the season finale of Rebels, it certainly feels like there’s not much in the way of news this week. That said, we have a few pieces of info to share! Let’s begin with the Star Wars news Weekly Recap:

Alden Ehrenreich

1) Starwarsunderworld has our Han Solo Front Runner 

davestrrr: Not a bad choice. I can only assume that they have put this actor through the ringer, as it were, and he has some real acting chops. They key to this role is the swagger. It’s one thing to look like Han Solo, and another thing entirely to be able to pull off the acting.

mazlow01: Yeah I think people are too focused on the look of the character over the character of the character. I’m sure make up can make this dude look close enough.


2) Pablo Hidalgo says that Darth Plagueis didn’t come up in the story discussion. We wrote about this here, and it’s on reddit here:

davestrrr: OK, so this is the most flat-out statement that we’ve heard. Although there are still people out there that will cling to semantics here. It’s getting very difficult to hold on to the dream of Plagueis coming back. That, and upon rewatching the SDCC interview where the question was asked, it really looks like Kasdan doesn’t have a clue. It looks like he was just woken up from a nap and has no idea who Plagueis is. Either Kasdan is a brilliant actor, or he hasn’t even thought about Plagueis.

mazlow01: Plagueis should be dead now but unfortunately he will live on until Snoke says in film Plagueis is dead. There is also a followup tweet to Andrew Lupi that resolves this even more as dead but… fanboys gonna fanboy


3) Making Star wars Set pics for Rogue One and Episode VIII


davestrrr: Very cool! A pic is worth a thousand words and these pics definitely have the Star Wars feel to them. Love the rust.

mazlow01: Once again this FEELS like Star Wars and that to me is the most important visual aspect needed.


4) Reported Vader casting for Rogue One at Flickering Myth 

davestrrr: I’m not terribly surprised. For that reason, this story would be easy to fake. I’ll take it with a grain of salt until we get a little more proof. That said, I will also be very surprised if they don’t have Vader in the film. They really need to have a satisfying scene with Vader. A real fight scene that shows what a bad ass he is in this era. I also want to see Palpatine in a scene at the end. Let’s hope they pull it all together.

mazlow01: I’m at 98% that Vader is in the film and this guy would fit the role perfectly. The man in suit doesn’t have to be special just big.


5.) Oscar Isaac gives some insight to the feel of Episode VIII. He says it’s like an independent film.

davestrrr: Kasdan once said that Rian Johnson is “going to make some weird thing”, and maybe this is part of it. I recently saw “Brick” and totally loved it. Given that Isaac has been in a number of successful indie films, I’d say he knows what he’s talking about. We’ll have the story zoom in on some obscure part of the universe that we’ve never seen before. Could be bizarre. Could be jarring in a way. Hopefully it will work when all is said and done. It may actually be amazing.

mazlow01: I don’t think it will be weird as much as taking Star Wars in a new direction. It just backs up what JJ said about having TFA resemble ANH, it was needed to go in a new way.


6.) JJ Abrams said that Rey’s parents weren’t in Episode VII, but later clarified that he meant “the identity of Rey’s parents wasn’t revealed in Episode VII”.

davestrrr: This one really threw me for a loop. There is still hope for those that think that Rey is a Skywalker. She doesn’t have to be, but so many things pointed to this in TFA that it would definitely be a surprise if not.

mazlow01: This one was odd… basically its a non-story that became a huge story.