Weekly Star Wars Recap #78: February 20th 2017

Another week another recap but this week is different! We got a ton  of new on The Last Jedi from images to spy reports. Needless to say there is quite a bit of potential spoilers in the recap so run away now if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Toy Packaging released!

Star Wars.com dropped this out of nowhere giving us our first look at Rey, Poe and Finn in TLJ. Lets dive in, Poe’s helmet has a few changes, very slight, outlines on stuff that was outlined and the visor is a little different. Basically he got it repainted and upgraded his visor. Finn is wearing a new shirt, I think it looks tunic like and others think it is Han Solo like. Either way I am certain this isn’t his only outfit in the movie. Finally Rey, her hair is as MSW reported earlier and looks good. I saw a theory on twitter from @carlylane  that Rey kept her hair in the three buns so her family would recognize her. She changed her hair because she knows that’s not necessary anymore. I really like that idea. Also it appears Rey is wearing what she had on at the end of TFA.Not positive though Rey has a gash or a bruise above her left eye (on the right hand side). Thanks to darthtate for finding that. Here’s another look:

Rian Johnson releases a photo of new Stormies

There have been some changes You can best see them in this image from  InternetPerson9000 from Reddit

The two lower corners of the main face plate go a little lower. Basically its all a little sharper in the helmet and looks a bit more menacing. I do wonder why they did it and if the movie takes place so soon after TFA how and if its all troopers or will we see a mix of old and new design?

Making Star Wars drops new info on Finn and a Star Destroyer

Source: This ties in great with what we were talking about over a week ago and Finn being sent in as a spy/saboteur. We also get an idea of what I think Snoke is using as his base. A Super Star Destroyer that is designed as just a grey wedge. No city on top like the Empire’s had. Sounds pretty cool.

Making Star Wars has info on planets too!

Source: Looks like there will be a home planet for the First Order that appears to be “Mars with snow” Sounds stark and desolate… a perfect place for the First Order to call home. The salt flats of Bolivia are particularly intriguing. MSW also earlier released this photo:

from MSW

According to Gizmodo, those flats reflect the night sky perfectly and amazingly. Imagine a lightsaber fight in this place:

Photo credits: Danielkordan.com

Josh Gad is at it again

This isn’t news as much as it is funny… he pulls in some great guest stars in this one

And a final word from @mazlow01. I have read some of the spoilers from the last Aftermath novel and there’s one that bothers me. The Jar-Jar interlude.  Jar-Jar was naive and clumsy but he wasn’t stupid. In the final two movies he was manipulated but he had lost much of the goofiness we saw in TPM. The idea that after the Empire was started people blamed him and he would be reduced to being a clown is an insult to not only what George was trying to do with the character and what the character had done. A better interlude would have Jar-Jar(possibly sans a limb) and other Gungans come from the swamps having waged a guerrilla war on the Empire on Naboo and being celebrated as heroes. What Wendig decided to do instead… well I’m glad I only have gotten these from the library instead of buying them.

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