Weekly Star Wars Recap #83: March 27th, 2017

Another week another Recap this time with 15% more newsy goodness. Let’s get to it.

Han Solo Casts Sing Street Star

Ian Kenny

Variety reports that Ian Kenny is joining the Han Solo movie. Not much to know here, another rouge like Han? An imperial maybe? We shall see. For all the other Han news check out Davestrrr’s article from Friday. 

Actor Gary Barlow is confirmed for a role in The Last Jedi

Gary Barlow

This one comes from digital spy, who reports that Gary Barlow, who has appeared a judge in X Factor UK, is an English singer. With that beard, he could play just about anyone in the films. With an english accent, I’m tempted to think of the First Order, but it could be anything.

Bob Iger promises 15 years of Star Wars films

Bob Iger spoke to USC and gave us a lot of details about Han Solo, which we discussed in last weeks article. There are a few more details reported. For one, he suggests a long future for Star Wars films, spanning 15 years. It’s hard to imagine 15 years of films. To put it in context, at this writing Revenge of the Sith isn’t even 15 years old. I think the only concern with such a large timeline is over-saturation. Is that possible with Star Wars? Here’s hoping that the quality remains consistent.

Other important details include the fact that Carrie Fisher will not be digitally recreated in the sequel trilogy. This seems like a wise move given the emotional nature of the loss of Carrie at this point. He also stated they won’t be changing The Last Jedi based on her death either which is curious to me(mazlow01) I would think that would mean one of two things, Leia is already scheduled to die or they will have her death occur off screen.

Star Wars posts a sneak peak schedule for Celebration Orlando

Check out this page for more detail on Star Wars Celebration Orlando. This is looking like it’s shaping out to be quite an event. It will be the 40 year anniversary of Star Wars, so expect a big showing. My bet is that we will get a trailer on Friday’s TLJ event. Hard to imagine something else happening, and it would be consistent with Celebration Anaheim and TFA. Looks like some panels with Billy Dee Williams, and another with both Ian McDiarmid and Ray Park.

Making Star Wars leaks some hints about new AT-ATs for TLJ

According to a new report, Jason Ward is back to leak some new details. This one brings some information about new AT-ATs that have reinforced legs. The legs are so beefy that it looks like a gorilla.  The idea is that these legs would be less susceptible to tow-cable attacks like we saw in ESB. Another tidbit comes in the form of a tweet that let’s us know of the look and feel of TLJ:

What does this mean exactly? Jason is quiet on his sources, which is expected. However he absolutely has had some connections and access to source material and concept art in the past. He goes on in the tweet to hint that this has to do with the design of the film. The prequels had a certain aesthetic about them, and it is possible that Rian Johnson is tapping into this.

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