Where is Finn traveling to?

Today we bring you a small article on one of our favorite characters:

Finn. We only got a glimpse of him in the trailer but that glimpse did reveal a few things. Lets look at what we can learn and how we think it will fit into the plot of The Last Jedi. Potential spoilers below, so beware!

The Last Jedi teaser trailer has a shot of Finn in what appears to be some sort of a pod. There was one clue we got a while back about the term “bio-hexacrypt” possibly being in the movie. In an Instagram post from John Boyega, we got the following image:

Apparently, Rian Johnson has given him this picture as a gift joking about the difficult Star Wars dialogue. We’ve speculated about what this could mean, in terms of dialogue in the film, as have lots of others. There was a long standing leak about a “bacta suit” coming from MSW. This leads us to believe that these are connected. The MSW post suggests that right after the bacta suit, Finn embarks on a journey. Let’s take a look at the shot from the Trailer:

The Last Jedi Trailer, Lucasfilm/Disney

This pod, with all the flashing lights and the fact that Finn appears to be sleeping suggests to me this is the bio-hexacrypt. If you break down the word Bio-biological/medical hexa-means 6 maybe you have spend 6 days/weeks/months in it? or maybe it just sounds cool. Finally Crypt- place where dead people are laid to rest. Finn isn’t dead but he is in some sort of coma.  So yeah, this would suggest this might be a Biohexacrypt.  The other thing that catches my eye is a what appears to be a map at the top, and a flash of light in the upper right that almost suggests movement. This makes me wonder, is this some sort of escape pod that is different than the rumored bacta-suit? Is Finn traveling to a destination in this shot or is it something else?

It may make sense in terms of some other clues of what will happen in TLJ. There are old reports of an attack on the Resistance base toward the beginning of the movie. It’s possible that such an attack actually knocks out General Leia. Admittedly, this is based on an unsubstantiated IMDB post. However, we also have this short from the trailer of an attack on the Resistance base that sends Poe running. We don’t know when this happens in the movie, but there is a lot of rumors to suggest that it is toward the beginning:

The Last Jedi teaser trailer, Lucasfilm/Disney

This means Finn would be in danger and keeping him alive would mean moving him, and putting him in an escape pod. Could it be that Finn is launched in a medical escape pod until he is done healing? I suspect so, I also suspect that its during this move that Rose comes into play. She is a mechanic of some sort and she may save Finn’s life using those skills. So it’s possible that she received Finn’s pod in some delivery bay, on the Casino planet that MSW has stated is called “Canto Bight”.  As you know, in Star Wars no good deed goes unpunished, which means she gets dragged along with Finn to whatever his mission is. A mechanic is always good to have around right?

Kelly Marie Tran at The Last Jedi panel, SWCO

And we suspect the two, Rose and Finn will embark on an adventure on Canto Bight that involves a chase sequence on a “space horse”:

That seems like a lot to glean from one shot but I think we have the right idea. Perhaps its not as dramatic as we suspect but we think Finn is being moved in the pod, the pod is likely the biohexacrypt, and Rose is pulled into the action from being a regular person in the Resistance. Its Star Wars so I expect it will be dramatic and we will love it.

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