The Last Jedi: Behind The Scenes footage from D23

D23 attendees got a treat yesterday, along with those standing by on the internet. A new “behind the scenes” video has been released by Lucasfilm. Let’s take a look at what this tells us about the movie.

First off, if you haven’t seen the trailer, here you go:

The general theme of the trailer is clearly “this is something new and unexpected”. This is repeated by almost everyone in the footage. It’s pretty hard to fathom what we are in store for, but it’s exciting. Red is big in this one, beginning with an explosion of red clay. I can’t wait to see how this looks on screen.

Back Where Things Ended

Looks like The Last Jedi will begin where The Force Awakens left off, as was confirmed long ago. We’ll start right after as Rey actually hands the saber to Luke. We get a close up of the green tape on Luke’s hand for CGI.

I’ve posted before on how I think that TLJ must start in space, so we’ll see how it really starts from the very very beginning.

Giant Puppet

Check out this giant puppet. I’m not sure if it’s Snoke or not, if it is, it is at a weird angle. It has been reported that Snoke will be a large puppet, so who knows. Could be the sea monster.


Finally! We get a glimpse of a “real” porg. These things are pretty cute. Of course, seeing a picture of something and seeing them on film is another thing. Time will tell if these things make some obnoxious noises, but for now, they seem to be a resounding success.

The battery behind this little guy might be his, powering his robotic gears and whatnot. This shot looks very much like a Jim Henson thing. Like a side character from Labyrinth. So cool that Rian Johnson doesn’t completely shun cuteness in this film!

These little guys are going to be easy to love. Looks like Lumberjack and MakingStarWars were spot on with their drawing. Good work as always.

Rey Fight Scene

One thing that the BTS footage seems to suggest is that Rey may be in a fight against multiple opponents. Hard to say if this fight will be in this movie, or if it is just something they are practicing. I think a good bet says it will be in the film. We have speculated that there is a fight against the Praetorian Guards, or possibly the Knights of Ren. If anything, this looks like practice for that very scene, or at least its rematch.

Speaking of fighting more than one person, there is also a shot of what looks like Adam Driver fighting more than one person:

This one raises even more questions…does Kylo turn on the Praetorian Guards or more interesting the Knights of Ren? They may actually be the same thing or part of the same bigger group, but still. This would be huge.

The Canto Bight Casino

The casino on Canto Bight has been a big source of speculation for a while, without actually seeing it. We’ve seen some of the exterior shots in Dubrovnik, but we’ve not really seen much of the insides of the Casino. Here is basically some of our first glimpses.

First is this little alien croupier actually stands on the card table:

Looks like Luke is going to Force-throw or Force-push some dude. Well, we don’t know who will actually do this, but definitely looks like the Force.

We get a behind the scenes shot of a gambling table. Clearly the casino scene will be the “cantina scene” from this one.

There’s also a large view of casino.

We have a quote from Daisy Ridley, where she says

Rian has written a story that’s unexpected, but feels right.

That seems to fit a lot of what we’ve heard, and it also fits a  quote from Rian Johson,

I’m hoping it will be a little shocking, and I’m hoping it will feel real and honest. 

Consistent with what Mark Hamill has said, this film is going to shock and perplex people. It will give us something to talk about for months, and it will take some time to settle in.

Next we have a quote from the late Carrie Fisher:

It’s about family, and that’s what’s so powerful about it.

Oh man. That one is easy to jump to conclusions with. The family could be Luke, Leia, and Kylo, and it may even involve more characters…OK, so we won’t go down that road now.

What do you think of the video? Leave your comments below.

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