The emergence of kyber jewlery in Star Wars

Kyber crystals, the crystals that power Jedi’s lightsabers, might go back to some stories in the expanded universe under the name “Kaiburr crystal”, but made their first appearance in the Clone Wars. However, the prominence of these crystals might be growing even more in forthcoming Star Wars content. Spoilers and speculation below.

Kyber crystals perhaps first emerged as a jewelry in Rogue One.  Jyn Erso was given a necklace from her mother. In early drafts of the script, her mother was in fact supposed to be a Jedi, which perhaps raises the significance of the necklace. In the final version of the film, the necklace merely served as a plot point to help explain how the Empire was collecting the crystals to power the Death Star’s primary weapon. It did teach us one other thing though.  Kyber crystals resonate with the Force. It allowed Chiruut to sense Jyn and her necklace and that could be a hint of why we see so many in The Last Jedi.

A recent snapshot was found of Rose Tico’s hand, indicating that she may be wearing a ring. This immediately led some to speculate that she has a kyber ring, although this has not been confirmed.

Since this is a behind-the-scenes photo, you might think this is the actress Kelly Marie Tran’s ring, but this is refuted by the fact that the Rose toy also has the same ring.

Certainly at this point, there is no reason to think this is significant. It may mean nothing, and it may not even be a kyber crystal ring. Still it might be, and is worth mentioning and discussing. Perhaps the reason why people have speculated that this could be significant is because Snoke also has a ring, and Making Star Wars has gone to suggest that this might be a kyber ring. That said, nobody seems to know for sure if this is a kyber ring, or if it will play any significance to the film–it may just serve as  a costume piece to reinforce that Snoke has opulent attire. I do find it interesting that Rose’s ring, in my opinion, looks like it’s the same color as Snoke’s.

Lastly, we have Luke and his necklace. This may harken back to Jyn’s necklace other than the fact that it is revealed to be a a red crystal according to the Funko Pop! figure:

We actually had a theory that this was a shard of Luke’s green light saber. Check the article for more.

Now with all this said and done, it is important to reinforce that we don’t know the significance of it all. It may just be part of Star Wars and Kay’s new line of jewelry. However with the two most powerful Force-users in the Sequel trilogy wearing what appears to be Kyber crystals and our new member Rose also wearing what looks like one it likely has some importance. I’m thinking it’s like we saw with Chiruut in Rogue One, it allows the user to either focus or sense the Force.

Kyber crystals, also called living crystals, are deeply connected to the Force. They power the Jedi lightsabers (and other lightsabers) but also are imbued with the Force. They select the Jedi just as much or more than the Jedi selects it. So the kyber crystal is connected to and is a symbol for the Force. People wearing this kind of jewelry seem to also be connected to the Force in some way, with the exception of Rose (as far as we know). In the case of Rose, I like the theory that it could serve as a plot point connected to her sister, Paige, who (spoiler alert!) may die in the film.

So it could mean that wearing such jewelry is a symbol for those that support the way of the Jedi, or believe in their principles. Or it could mean some sort of connection with the Force. Time will tell if this plays into the plot of The Last Jedi, but the speculation is half the fun!

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