Weekly Star Wars Recap #116: November 20th, 2017

Hello out there in Star Wars land! There are just a mere 24 days until The Last Jedi. The news keeps coming in at a steady pace. Let’s get to it!

The Last Jedi will be rated PG-13

At the end of this video, there is confirmation that the movie will get this rating. In contrast to the view that Disney buying Lucasfilm will lead to “kids films”, clearly the past ratings of Star Wars films go against that.

New First Order vehicle?

Check out this clip from Star Tours that shows a new structure along with the walkers. The new structure looks like a large calendar or tank of some sort. Could this be a large drill that the FO will use to mine crystals from this planet?

New Images from Entertainment Weekly Articles!

Hot off the press, a new article with several never-before-seen images from The Last Jedi has just emerged on EW.com. There are four cover images for this issue that you can view here. In addition, there are lots of little details in other articles such as this one about Kylo Ren and Rey. It would appear that Kylo Ren began turning against his mother and father when they spent too much time with the Rebellion. As we’ve concluded from the trailers, this article supports the notion that Kylo Ren is going to help Rey find her place in the galaxy.


New Image of Luke’s Compass

Last week we showed a picture of Luke’s compass on a toy, and now in Battlefield II, there is a more detailed realistic image. Looks pretty cool. Check out our previous articles on what the compass could be used for.


Potential Spoilers in Battlefield II Downloadable Content?


In a recent tweet, Lucasfilm creative Matt Martin, there is a suggestion that the “Resurrection DLC” may feature spoilers for The Last Jedi.¬† Whether you’re avoiding spoilers or seeking them out, use this information wisely! This could be set up of the battles etc as Pablo said previous there are no spoilers in Battlefront 2 at all.

Even more TV spots!

We talked about the TV spots last week here. Then went and dropped a few more. Check them out below!


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