Weekly Star Wars Recap #90: May 15th, 2017

We are pretty much officially 8 months away from Episode VIII. The news is slightly lighter this week, but still some good pieces to chew on. Let’s get to it.

First Han Solo set pic

A picture is perhaps worth a thousand words, so head over to Prensa Imperial for the photo. Looks like set construction on Fuerteventura is long underwaySurprising, perhaps, is the fact that the set apears to be largely desert. Recall that we posted some really surreal mountains that would also make for some otherworldly sets. We’ll have to wait and see what they end up doing.

Han Solo concept art surfaces


Star Wars News Net has released some photos from eBay of alledged Han Solo Concept art. We’re not sure if these are legit, but the level of detail in some of them is amazing. There is even some set pics, suggesting that if this is a prank/eBay scam, it is an extremely elaborate one. Combined, they seem pretty believable. Check out the link for more.

Pablo Hidalgo confirms that Vader’s lightsaber was destroyed

In a recent tweet, Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm story group has confirmed that Vader’s lightsaber is destroyed.

This goes against a previous rumor from MSW that Luke had a necklace of Vader’s kyber crystal. it also would discredit rumors that Kylo Ren is looking for Vader’s saber.

New Vader comic book pics

If comics are your thing, you’ll be stoked to see some new cover art for an upcoming new Vader comic series. Check out comicosity.com for more! Who knows where they will take the new series, but it looks like they may explore Vader’s origins. See the featured pic for this article (above) for an example cover. It’s cool that they are exploring artwork that is true to the prequels rather than rejecting them. We love the prequels!

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