Fastest Hunk of Junk in the Galaxy

The Millennium Falcon a ship that has inspired many designer and fan and defined the “lived in” feel of Star Wars. Its been as much a character in the films as any actor and now we get to see its beginnings. Which makes me ask, what the heck happened to it? Spoilers ahead.

There have been a few think pieces about the Falcon already, mainly concerning the fact that in Revenge of the Sith George Lucas says the YT-1300 we see is the Falcon and its nose is different. I personally don’t see why this is an issue, for all we know its a piece that is easily added or removed as needed, there is nothing out there that says the removal of the nose is a big deal or even a Solo specialty, in fact I would suggest the opposite. No one on Jakku seems to think the YT-1300 without the nose is the Falcon so obviously its not an usual modification or set up on the ship. So taking it off and putting it back on is something that could just be part of what is standard for the ship design. My issue isn’t a “canon” issue.

So what is my problem? Well first look at the interior! What the heck man?


I mean I know Han isn’t Lando and he’s not going to be the cleanest guy but come on! In ANH Han is somewhere between 27-30 years old. We can’t say for sure but I suspect Han is going to be between 18-22 in Solo. So its been a max of 12 years from the Top picture and the bottom. Now it looks like Han has removed panels and changed the seats around the table so that explains cosmetic changes but what about all that dirt and grime? Is it from the panels being exposed? Does that mean Chewie and Han have been breathing in the same grime for a decade? Is Han really that big of a slob? He acts like he loves the Falcon but he certainly hasn’t taken care of it. That doesn’t seem like Han to me. Yes he’s rough around the edges but the Falcon is part of who he is and I don’t see him letting it fall that much in disrepair. “But Mazlow what about the article from Breznican at,” Han thinks its better to be undercover unlike how Lando operates. Ok sure that works on the outside but does the inside need to look like the inside of the lone port-a-potty at an outdoor festival?

With all the interior pipes in the lower shot,  I guess you could say that this is part of the “special modifications” that Han made and is so proud of, but did that really require the removal of every panel? That said, if we see a scene where Han and Chewie rip apart the Falcon to make modifications in Solo after Han wins the ship from Lando in a game of sabaac, the look on Lando’s face when he sees it would be priceless.

This also leads to my next issue.

Fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy. That is how Lando describes it… hunk of junk. Does it look like a hunk of junk in this movie? I mean sure when we see it in A New Hope its completely trashed but not here. Lando obviously cares for the ship and is using it to entertain as much as smuggle or run from imperials. Now obviously he stayed in touch with Han  for a while after new Solo movie so they could become better friends that Han would be willing to trust him again so maybe he saw it become the hunk of junk we first met. All this being said without seeing the movie, its hard to say how this actually happens. There could be a reasonable explanation on screen.

So my issue? Han is apparently a slob that has subjected his best friend to potentially dangerous grim and grit for a decade and doesn’t appear to actually take care of the ship that he loves… No wonder he and Leia broke up.

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