Weekly Star Wars Recap #128: Feb 12th, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen of Star Wars fandom, we are back to bring you another exciting look at the latest Star Wars news! Let’s just get right to it, shall we?

Several EW articles on Solo

EW has some special ties with Lucasfilm, and they always have some excellent scoops. This series of articles is no different. Check out this article of the director shake-up, this one on the criminal characters of the film, this one on Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s droid character, and what set of articles would be complete without stories about Glover’s Lando and Ehrenreich’s Han. While you’re at it, here is a collection of hi-res images from the articles.

Game of Thrones creators to write and produce a new series of Star Wars films!

This one comes from the official site, and countless other outlets. There is no question whether Game of Thrones is a hit, and there are many common fans between GoT and Star Wars, what with Gwendoline Christie and now Emilia Clarke being in both franchises. Now the creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, are going to write and produce a “series” of films, which could be a new trilogy or maybe just a couple spin-off films. At this point it isn’t clear what exactly this will be.

However, given how much fans have been clamoring for a “Knights of the Old Republic” movie, it occurs to me that these guys would be perfect for that. Imagine a mash-up of medieval and science fiction…OK, well Star Wars already has element of that, but imagine the medieval aspect being turned up several notches. It could work! Locations like Maz’s castle, and maybe Zillo beasts, along with early Jedi and Sith wizards…who knows.

George Lucas scouting locations for Kenobi movie?

File this one under unexpected. According to the Belfast Telegraph, the maker himself, George Lucas, was scouting locations in Belfast for a future Kenobi film. This is weird because 1) the Kenobi film has not been announced, 2) George Lucas is done with Star Wars, and 3) why Belfast? Wouldn’t this all be on Tatooine? That said, assuming the other parts are true, they could go anywhere for a quick excursion in the Kenobi film. He could be kidnapped by someone and has to find his way home. Definitely skeptical about this one.

Falcon spotted at Pinewood?

This one is hard to tell, but there might be a Falcon at Pinewood studios. It may not look like it, but lots of times they only build one side of the structure for filming, and the top side of this circular structure looks a lot like part of the Falcon.

Another teaser poster for Solo!

Last week we covered the new wave of Solo posters and trailers. Here we now have another with many characters in one poster.

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